What do you think Boeing would name their aircraft after the 797?

All Boeing commercial aircraft have to start with 7. It could be, Boeing 781 or 710 or 766.

I belive it would be another 20 years before the 797 comes out. By then another aerospace company might become famous and it would be Boeing’s successor. No need to think how Boeing’s going to name their aircraft because there’s no more aircraft to name.

Boeing are potentially starting up the 797 program in 2019, and would enter service mid-2020s

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Actually, Boeing plans to launch it at the Paris Air Show in June of 2019. Not even a year from now 😮

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I don’t believe it, what about 777X?

The 777X program started way back in 2014 and is expected to enter service December 2019

I’m really not sure because to me it will be a really interesting dilemma that Boeing will face. Personally I’m not sure but I did find this which explains some suggestions at the end…

Well why should we guess? Let’s wait like 12 years and see 😂

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Probably 747 max 717 max any of the planes with max after it

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