What do you think Boeing will create after the 777x?

I think they might make a 777xF. What do you think? Share your thoughts below!


A replacement for the Boeing 757 I hope


Yeah, hopefully. I actually drew up some stats for what I think a renovated 757 would be like.

A Boeing 797 😉😏


Designed by the wonderful Nick Chan ;)


Hopefully something to replace the 737/757 space because the 737 line should’ve been dead after the NG.

B800 the longest pencil jet that That has ever existed. Will be size of 2 757-300


Probably new variants’ of the 737max and 787

I would say make a 757-400X. Hommie 757 is epic.

Maybe a new 767,757, or a 717

The Yellowstone Projects

  • Boeing Y1, to replace the Boeing 737, 757, and 767-200 product lines
  • Boeing Y2, to replace the 767-300 and -400 product lines
  • Boeing Y3, to replace the 777-300 and 747 product lines

I beleive the 767 Freighters are still being delivered?

This is just my personal idea: If it’s a 797 that’s it carries approximately 220 passengers very comfortably at 38 inches pitch first, 34-35 inches domestic premium economy, 32 inches standard economy to 240 passengers with 37 inches pitch first, 34 inches domestic premium economy, 31 inches standard economy to a maximum capacity of 265 at 30 inches pitch standard economy with a range of 4,250 nm (220 pax) ; 4,100 nm (240 pax) ; 3,800 nm (265 pax)

Maximum cruising speed 585mph
High speed cruise 570mph
Normal cruising speed 560mph
Long range cruising speed 550mph

With a ceiling altitude of 41,000 feet

Split Scimitar Winglets w/ the smaller 787 engines yet bigger than the 737 max (with the unique 787/737 max engine design)

Kind of a 757-200 with a range of a 767-300 that’s a wide body but with a capacity between a 757-300 & 767-300 with lower operating costs 🤓


I’m hoping they’ll introduce a line of cookies.


Hopefully a MoM plane.

Maybe 787x? But it will be a pencil and will be single aisle

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Yes but a passenger replacement is Y2

Hopefully, Boeing 7X7 to replace B787 (?)

Maybe something bigger then the a380

Maybe a brand new set of planes and not the 7— models maybe the 8-- or 9-- so like Boeing 818 or something like that