What do you think after the update

My opinion is not cool enough, there are planes whose devices are not working and in a slight comment, but I am happy that there is an update

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I love the vnav the sids stars 737 777, just love it

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It’s to be expected with an update, especially given the times we are in where the activity levels are increased. There is no steady ramp up in users, they all hit you at once as soon as the store releases it which in most cases is simultaneously for each stores regardless of region. I would judge the update on what it’s like after a day or two once things are better and more smooth.


I absolutely love it. But like stated above, the amount of traffic that was around the airports made it hard to truly enjoy the aircraft. I’m sure after a day or two it will briefly start to settle down and the life servers will be back to normal again. I flew the 777-200ER at multiple airports on solo mode and it is amazing. It’s so easy to control and is not to sensitive to a sudden turn.

Another thing that didn’t get too much attention was the Airport Diagram. OH MY IT IS AMAZING. This will be very useful when I’m at an airport that I’m not too familiar with.

I’m still getting a little used to the Center/SID/STARS but I’m sure I’ll pick it up with a little bit of practice. Other than that this is an amazing update and I’m grateful for the work the devs put into this one 😆


All of the features are pretty cool, but I’m not happy about the level requirements changing. I now have to fly 4 more hours to get back up to level 3.

The update is pretty cool although it might take a while to learn everything

This update took WAY too long for what came with it, when it finally loaded, I was underwhelmed. So many livery missing, and only adding 7 To the 772, it’s ridiculous. In one year we got this. Wow


Wow, I mean four hours, jeez, might as well sue IF and appeal to the mods to get your grade back. Sad!

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I LOVE IT. it so realistic to fly the B777 with the engine sounds and the SID/STAR and the Center frecuency that cover your entire flight! You are not anymore alone at FL38 😍 IF would be the greatest flight simulator. It is getting started. This update is ABSOLUTELY incredible. When project metal is done, imagine the possibilities…

Please. STOP COMPLAINING! So much has been changed in this game, and this update came out 6 months since the last one which was also a monumental update that took a ton of work. Appreciate what you got, longer waits only make for a more rewarding product!

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The new features are cool but to release back to back long haul aircraft bothers me. Not everyone has 6 hours to fly on a flight sim

I agree and this update is also one of the best IF has ever had

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Then why are you here?

You have to consider the fact that we have had the TBM, the Xcub, C-172 etc, I thin it’s pretty fair as is really.

They also upgraded the 737

Those are GA aircraft not short or medium haul.

Dude, we got a live 737 cockpit, a 777 rework (which in my opinion still needs work and more liveries) and some random sids and starts which make everything WAY more complicated and center atc which makes Night flight impossible on the expert server.

Great answer

The 737 was reworked a long time ago. In 20.1 all they did was update the cockpit.

A320 family got improvements as did the B737 twice now. Let’s not forget the CRJ either.

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