What do you think about this change?

LiveFlight Infinite Flight Tracker just got a brand new face lift! I want to know what you think of it. You can look at it on any browser and possibly redone on the app too. This is what it looks like…

It used to be a boring google maps background, but now the developers started using another software to run the app. Once again, let me know what you think of this, I think it’s pretty cool. Great job @Cameron and crew!


Additional features, you can now tilt the screen!!

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Finally! I haven’t checked it out yet, but glad to year that LiveFlight got a face lift. The old verson was quite laggy for me.


Now after checing it out, I have to say, they went above and beyond with the rework. Clearly, they are miles ahead of InfiniteX (Not to say that I hate InfiniteX, I really do appreciate the hard work that they put into the Flight Tracker), but considering how accurate LiveFlight is now when it comes to live flight tracking, It would be much more of a challenge for InfiniteX to make a comeback, although like said I can’t wait to see what InfiniteX has to offer in the upcoming months!

100% agree

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I guess one thing that LiveFlight still doesn’t have is a Altitude and Speed Graph. I really hope they would add that sometime in the future

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I found the change perfect, because the previous version was slow and with errors when I follow my flight, but now they improved a lot, just missing some images of the remodeled and new planes, great job did @Cameron !!! The best!

Thanks for noticing this folks - this update is mostly just to modernise things, but I don’t plan on new features I’m afraid.

For context, I started working on LiveFlight as my hobby project around 2015, and I was hired by Infinite Flight to work on the simulator since 2017. You can probably imagine it became hard spending my weekends working on yet another Infinite Flight related project!

Feel free to use this updated version - I will try and update the iOS version too at some point.
But… I highly encourage you to use and support other great third party tools being built by community members! Lots going on in this category, and a few new trackers and tools are in the works:

Just a few shoutouts for other trackers:


Hey there!

Thanks for the hard work and congrats!

Do you plan on bringing back search field and airports locations?

Happy 2023!

Thanks - no immediate plans for that I’m afraid. I did experiment with airport data, but it would cost me too much to rebuild and host it. Map work isn’t a cheap hobby sadly



I guess!

Sorry to hear that, was pretty useful for me but hey! Great work!

Thanks again for the your work within all infinite flight ressources!

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It was! MapFlight and InfiniteX have search and airport features, so I would advist trying those out

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This is just amazing and j really appreciate it I’m a little bummed it’s not on IOS yet but I understand your busy

Nahhhh…I’ll stick with you 😉

I’m used to your interface for my 5 screens setup 😂

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I dig it! filler

Sadly, for me, there is no plane pictures no more :(

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On the aircrafts that used to have pictures, they should still show up

I really enjoy the dark mode by the way! 👍🏻

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