What do you think about the latest development in IF?

Hi there,
I just wanted to share my (maybe unpopular ) opinion about the latest developments in Infinite Flight. One thing that bothers me a lot is that advanced ATC pretty often open stations in SoCal region? Why ? Playground server is more or less only SoCal flying, why the hell would you open ATC in the same region? What for did I pay for all those other regions? I simply dont get it. You know, I regularly log out my account to “save” my subsciption since I dont fly regularly. But when I do and I log in I see that Advanced SoCal is open, I immediatly log off. Simply because its boring to fly there again and again. This brings me to another point. Why are there so few Adv. controllers ? I see its hard to find nice and suitable people but when you have people interested go support them through the process. For example I passed my test but wasnt accepted because mods didnt like my violations. Sure theyre maybe high, I know that. Does this make me a bad controller? I dont know. Third I wanna say that this ghosting for flying too fast thing is crap. People dont get ghosted for messing and trolling around on active airports but if your groundspeed is too high you get suspended one day.
Just my opinion noone needs to share it.
Happy landings


The Advanced controllers work as a team to switch regions several times a day. Sure, some regions are more frequently used than others, but I would venture to say SoCal isn’t one of them.

That doesn’t work.

This is not a permanent solution to a problem that is certainly a big issue, even on Advanced. It will be changed as needed.

Because being one requires, time, determination, effort, and skill.


I think logging-off doesn’t save your subscription…


You are not obligated to fly were there’s a live ATC, you have the freedom to fly in any region you want. There not few Adv. controllers, we don’t coincide in the same hours, it takes time and determination. If you will like you can join. The speed regulations first is to make it more realistic, second, in real life you don’t go at M. 1.05 in a Boeing 737. I don’t get the part where you said you pass your test but you were not accepted because a mod and etc.

P.S. I’m not mad with you, I just want you to see this from another perspective.


That won’t work. Your subscription lasts for a month, or if you bought Live+, for a year. You can’t “save” your subscription.

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