What do you think about Ryanair and others

Hi IF’s community,
as we are all fans of aviation I would like your opinion on Ryanair or low cost airlines as a principle.

I personally think it’s a disgrace to aviation : they have turned up aviation in a simple source of money and have no respect for it. I understand that all airlines seek to increase turnover and profits but “normal” airlines propose better services, more interesting flights and better planes.

Air France for instance is proposing to aviation fans to fly on the brand new 787-10 to introduce this new plane to the fleet.

It may be only for profit but it also may be for aviation.
What do you think ?

Ryanair isn’t that bad and it’s better then a lot of American carriers like United that’s if they introduce the overhead bin charge.
Air France has received the first B787 hence the short haul flights, this is so crew are familiar with the aircraft. All airlines do this with their first aircraft type


what is “overhead bin charge” ?

Read this:

Damnnn it seems that American companies are not doing better than European low cost airlines

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Sure, they’re not the best, but they get the job done. [quote=“Cdt_Aupetit, post:1, topic:83519”]
more interesting flights and better planes.

What’s wrong with their B738’s? And they do indeed serve some pretty interesting destinations.

You get what you pay for service wise.


. Ryanair and the likes are great if you just care about getting from point A to B. If you want to pay more for legal room and wifi, feel free to do so. There will always be companies that will cut corners in the name of cost savings. I think k they’re great. Competition is a good thing. Everything is about money lel


I’m speaking about the point of view of a aviation fan : they’re only flying, not enjoying (that sounds weird right ?). On the point of view of a client these companies are doing fine.
Well 737s are good but some kind of “classic”, nothing original you know

In my opinion, low cost carriers are not bad based on my flying experience on low cost carriers in the US.

I have to disagree with this. I have not flown Ryanair so I can’t give my opinion on them, but having flown Southwest Airlines (which is a low cost carrier) in the US, I have to say, they have incredible customer service.

The pilots they have hired, always seem to be in a good mood! Even once in a while they will make a joke to lighten up your day! That IMO shows they love to fly and have a true passion for aviation! Every flight I have flown with them, it has always been very enjoyable.


yep definitely, but i think it’s a petty

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Airlines can’t be making a profit if all they do is appeal to aviation enthusiasts

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Absolutely agreed, SWA is the best low-cost airline I have been on. Traveled with them several times and no regrets and complaints.


I hope you are right. As long as the airlines fills your expectations, we shouldn’t complain right ?

Trust me, I’m not the only one who is happy after flying Southwest Airlines. ;) And true, if an airline satisfies your expectations, then why complain? But if it exceeds your expectations in a good way, then it would probably be a good idea to fly them again. As is the case of Southwest Airlines for me. :)


Have been flying frontier airlines IRL for many years (recently switched with my family to southwest because of pricing) but I never once had an issue with Frontier. Every flight there was enjoyable. Sometimes they had disagreeable flight attendants but since we switched to SWA I’ve had grumpy pilots and flight attendants so I don’t think judging a single airline based off of their FA is a great idea. See how successful SWA is.
In my opinion Low Cost carriers are perfectly fine where they stand. Good for them.

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The problem now is the flag carriers trying to offer low cost fares, they end up being far worse

Low cost carriers make me nervous on the thought that I don’t know to what limit they’ll cut costs to remain competitive. Customer charges can make a big difference in choosing an airline. Cutting maintenance costs or buying cheap aftermarket replacement parts for the aircraft makes me very uncomfortable just at the thought. There’s a sort of lack of transparency on that front that makes me not want to fly with them, then again that same lack of transparency exists with all airlines that I’m aware of.

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Isn’t Netjets for private planes

NetJets v Ryanair and others [2016] (those who study law will understand)

Not sure what you’re getting at. Why did we bring up a private carrier?

I actually thought that private jets are much more aviation friendly but it may be stereotype