What do you think about curved / rear business/first class products

What do you think about curved/rear business/first class products on each airlines ?
My opinion is negative i don’t like curved seats also rear seats i prefer normal business class seats like Turkish Airlines A330 / 777 business class. ( i never tested before and i don’t want it)

  • curved / rear’ (what i mean is seats like qatar airways businesss class)
    Comment below with good arguments if you tried, your experience etc…

What are those ‘curved seats’ that you’re talking about?

I’m so confused 😳


Do you meant Reverse Herringbone seating?

I think both Zodiac Cirrus and B/E Aerospace’s Super Diamond seats (The only Reverse Herringbone seat products I know out there) are good. It’s just how the airline consultants design it 😉



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I think he means the business classes that cannot be completely later down. I’m not sure either :/


Yes thanks for the word aha


I actually don’t mind them at all, although, I haven’t flown business.

For the backwards facing like those old United business class, I wouldn’t like it at all, I’d get sick…


Wow. Have you tried BA?



Forgot about BA… I haven’t really heard good things about BA, I’d take the United over the BA, because of the Polaris Soft Product.

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I think it gives a real nice design and feel to the higher classes

I’m not alone omygod thanks aha !

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I think they look comfortable, although I’ve never been on a business nor first class flight because they’re ridiculously expensive but yeh I think they look nice for the standard you would expect.

Yeah ! In this case you are right

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That’s your opinion thank you for your messag !

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I feel that they would make you feel spacious and elegant. It’s a very interesting piece of design that looks very modern

thanks for your comment! it’s your opinion and i totally respect :)

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I don’t really feel the need of this topic being created, but imho I think that the curved/ rear business seats are actually quite smart and fit a lot of space. although I prefer the feel of a front facing business class, I got the chance to sit in emirates 777 business class during my trip to Europe and I found that they were ok, although the updated ones on the a380 are much better.
I also got the chance to sit in Singapore airlines business class of the new a350 to Europe and found that facing forward had the advantage of larger ife and seat, while the rear business classes had the advantage of leg room

First of all it’s just a topic to know the opinion about this feature ! Thank you for your incredible comment about your past trip report and thank you for sharing your opinion!

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I have never been in one, I want to but at the same time I don’t, because once I do I will be spoiled and not want to be in economy class anymore.

I like economy class and I would like first class/Business, but economy does me good and I still have my window seat.
I will try it soon though.

Never been in one but I like the design of them personally.