What do you state to Approach Controller once tower hands you off after a "Go Around"?

Just wondered what the correct way to do this is. Are you supposed to tell Approach, “Executing Missed Approach”, or that you are just “Requesting approach to Runway ##” at your Destination?


An ILS or radar vectors back to the airport. Or a missed approach whatever floats your boat.


What Brandon said. Just as long as it lets the approach controller know to sequence you back inbound.


Awesome, thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t confusing the controllers on what I wanted 👍


@Brandon_Sandstrom@Tecnam2TA … MaxSez: interesting Approach Comm Menu, sure not Pilot friendly., On Approach, just pick one right, see if it works! How about the magic words to terminate an Approach with Approach or Tower at Pilots Discretion? Or what comm call would an inbound GA/VFR Pilot use to bypass Approach and get a direct comm link to Tower for those that don’t want no stinking vector to the ILS IP/Fix. Just asking…

Ok Max the appropriate thing would be for tower to keep you as a go around and squeeze you back into the tower que. and the same would apply for the VFR. The approach controller should switch you to tower about 5 miles out. Now with that being said if your going to try and go into an airport VFR do it at an appropriate VFR altitude to do so.

LoL… Proper VFR altitude or attitude. What’s a proper IF VFR Altitude 25+ miles out? VFR Approsch Plate count? Flying See/Be Seen VFR Rules VFR’s don’t need no stinking vectors except for Safety of Flight but are haditually sent to the ILS IP/fix. 5 mile release seems adequate if it’s applied. Why would Approach send a VFR to the que! Let Tower do the sequencing, Tower controls the inner ring 3-5 miles. Hold/Stack the VFR’s on the boundary, (having them flying the pattern with a full lineup flow is nutty). Tower then can fit them in via short final to the active or better yet the shortest Rwy if there a GA or a Dash for example. Innovation is the mother of invention. With the introduction of Holding Points change is in the wind. K, nuff said, Let’s agree to disagree.

I consider an appropriate VFR altitude as staying out of the airspace until the surface ring not flying directly into the approach path, and coming in below IFR traffic.

@Brandon_Sandstrom. PS: what where the “Comm Calls to terminate an approach by Pilot Discretion” or to go to an alternate following a missed approach when you get a unwanted vector and Approach give you one of those Ghost precursors “Stay on my Freq”.rather than comply?. Regards, Max

@Brandon_Sandstrom… On VFR altitude; I interpret you response to mean that VFR altitude is at Controllers discretion! So you make it up as you go along just like the range and height of Approaches area of responsibility. Appears that to is at Controllers Discretion obviously. (Had a Approach Guard msg at 45+ miles inbound LAX on the Expert yesterday.). Well it’s been fun and real Bran but not real fun. I’ll let you off the hook now and agree to disagree. IF rules RULE. Who lov’s ya baby.

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