What do you press and what do the buttons mean?

Hello IFC, I was just wondering, whenever you announce take off how do you know what direction you are departing and what does it mean. let’s use EGLL 27L on casual service as an example.

London Heathrow Unicom,KINGKONG Hevey taking off runway 27L departing

straight out, south, north, east, west or remaining in the pattern.

What do these mean and how do you know your direction of departure. I just guess. I need help with this. Thanks.

I need to know what direction I depart to announce.

What do straight out, south, north, east, west or remaining in the pattern mean and what are the different ones used for.

PM me or comment if you nead extra explaining of my problem.

Is this in the right topic?


Remaining in the pattern means you depart to fly a pattern (left or right) to return to the airport/runway for landing or touch and go. Search „patterns“ or „patternwork“ on the forum for more information on this.

The „departing …“ command is used when departing the airport for another destination or just for leaving the pattern of the runway to fly around. Straight out means you plan to maintain runway heading for quiet a bit after departure, while east/west/south/north means you plan on turning to any of these directions during your departure/initial climb out.


They simply mean what direction you are heading in.

For example, you are taking off from EGLL and going to EDDF, you announce departing east, as Frankfurt is east of EGLL


West means takeoff and turn west.

Straight out mean takeoff and don’t turn. Just fly straight on.

And the rest is self explanatory.

If you know your NESW (Never Ever Support Wolves),you’ll be alright :)

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But how do you know what direction you will be flying. Do you have to google it?

You should plan your route/destination and eventually even SID (Standard Departure Route) before you even pushback.

Never take-off without a plan in my opinion.


I do that but does IF tell you what direction you will he departing?

No, you make the decision and the controller will read it back to you if he allows u to takeoff in that direction

No, if there is Unicom you announce your intention to depart to your selected direction. That’s just to help other pilots understand what you plan to act accordingly.

With ATC it’s more of a request made by you, which most likely will be approved by the controller (see @Jack_BC‘s latest post)


Thanks everyone. Is this under the correct catagorie.


I think so, or it may be in #atc. Not sure

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Just to clarify, the IF map is oriented so that the top of the map is north. So just look at your flight plan, and see if after takeoff you are going to be heading north, south, east, or west. That is what you are supposed to announce.


That realy helps. Thanks very much


I’ve never heard that one before.

For us down here in the land down under (Australia) it’s Never Eat Soggy Weetbix ;)


Just to clarify, if my destination airport is north west of my departure airport, do I announce departing North or departing west after takeoff?

My flight plan usually heads North first before heading west


Anounce north because that’s the first direction you will be travelling from the airport


If your flight plan heads north first, then announce that you’re taking off north. It’s really just about which direction you’re going after takeoff, not your general flight plan.

Also, welcome to the community! :)


And welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, feel free to PM or ask anyone IF related questions. If you have not you should read the F and Q

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Look at you! Going from asking for help to helping others in less than an hour. You must be a fast learner! ;)


Thanks. I must be😁
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