What do you prefer

I’m just curious but do you prefer landing over water like at KSFO or over land landing like at KDFW?


Water is generally pretty cool in my opinion. I can’t remember but there’s a airport in Japan off of Osaka that is cool.

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I wish there were float planes in IF like the beaver or the widgeon or a Cessna 180, 185 or 206 with amphibs so you can land in water and on land

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The beaver is a cool aircraft for me


Do you mean Kansai or Kobe?

But to add on, any airport on a seperate island such as Hong Kong, Kansai, Kobe, Okinawa, anything like this would have an over the water landing.

I live on an island in Sitka Alaska with the airport and runway on a separate island


Yeah these types of airports are personal favourites of mine because I do find it cool landing on a small edge of the island surrounded by water. But I also have to appreciate coming in over stunning landscapes too!

Yes it’s a nice views but most of the time flying into this airport it’s always raining with high winds and low visibility I’m shuttle driving for these flights last week they had to do a go around because they were too heavy it was raining and blowing at same time

Ive landed there before

In game or IRL I’m shuttle driving I’m waiting on AK 67 and AK 70

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No in game, its a very nice airport that should get more attention!

Maybe in a future update it will be 3D including PANC

Depends where

It’s Sitka airport and Anchorage international

Those are pretty cool whether you’re taking the water or land routes

If it’s mountainous or just has a cool view other than flat plains, land is cool

Water’s better than flat plains, especially if the runway just appears out of nowhere

It really depends, some land approaches are kinda boring (DFW or DEN) but some are really nice like YYC or SEA, so there are a lot of variables for what makes a nice approach

Yes thank you. I believe it was Kobe

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Water is what I prefer it’s a little more interesting usually.

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