What do you prefer on airports?

I want to find out what kind of airports do you like.
You can make also polls in the discussion.

  • Short ways to the gate
  • Long ways to the gate
  • Enter the plane on tarmac

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  • Much shopping stores
  • Less shopping stores
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  • Fast security check
  • Long security check
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  • Spotting terraces
  • Nice spotting finds out of the airport
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  • Long taxiways
  • Short taxiways
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  • Bus tours
  • Bus tours outside the airport

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Bus tour outside the airport ?


Yes I have heard it by a Greece airport

And what’s the point of this "outside of the airport bus tour " ?


But I closed it! How to delete?

Closed what ? Delete what ?


This poll! Ok?? Sorry my mistake

Simply erase it from the message ;-)


Who want long security check?


I am sure there are some people and you eventual can hear the engine roar!

Do you mean like the border security? Like a long line?

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How should the airport be construction?

The longer the better for everything expect security checks!


Can I vote 1000 times for “Long Security Check”?

I even tell them not to attach my TSA PreCheck to the ticket so I can wait in line with everyone else and have a better chance at a full body rub down by some gruff, burly, angry man with calloused hands and psoriasis.


MaxSez: Airplanes & blue sky’s…


I think entering planes by tarmac is better because you can understand how big it is

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Darling I can’t possibly go anywhere near an airport unless it has loads of shops, a bus tour and long ways to the gate.

Seriously though? People complain about not including any bulk in news RWA posts but then fly out and not complain about this? Come on

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When I go to the airport I want as much spotting time as possible:-D


#Long ways to the gate:
You get time to walk around since there may be an APM in some huge airports eg Zürich, Dubai

Much shopping stores:

You can be that guy who would buy gifts for friends last minute especially if traveling somewhere where there are friends and relatives nearby
Airports include Dubai, Istanbul and Heathrow

#Fast security checks:
Security is a first priority but it shouldn’t be a reason for missing your flight
Airports include Brussels and Vienna

#Spotting terraces
It’s always nice to have some fresh air on the airport terrace and watch your plane arrive in time for your flight.
Airports include Heathrow and Changi

#Long taxiways
It gives you a chance to spot more planes that you missed out on while on the terraces.
Airports include Dubai and Schipol.

######some of my preference.


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