What do you prefer? Boeing 787-9 or Boeing 767-400

  • Boeing 787-9
  • Boeing 767-400

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Boeing 787-9

Boeing 767-400


787 always

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787 by a long shot. More efficient, and more luxurious.


They are both beautiful planes, but I prefer the 787.


The Boeing 787-9.


This is like comparing apples with pears. The 767 is old and has been around for a while whilst the 787 is relatively new - so people will prefer newer aircraft generally. I think it would have been better to ask about two planes a similar size and made at a similar time (i.e. 787 vs a350)


I like the B787 however it’s just a extended B787-8 so I pick the B767 especially as they are a rare sight nowadays

767 are nice, but 787 are more fuel efficient, and they are awesome

This is such a hard choice!

Am I the only one here that likes the 767? Beautiful plane and I’m an Airbus guy.

Not rare if u fly delta 😉

Or if you live in America which I don’t 😂, I do see all the America carriers particularly Delta as you mentioned on Flightradar24 with the B767 on flight to London which is nice to see

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Comparing apples and pears? They’re both equally amazing man! Lol

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