What do you mostly do during your flight?

Hello people! So I know a lot of people get on planes to get to their destinations right? So I commonly see people sleeping during the whole flight and I see some people use electronics to play music or play games as always. What do I do? I mostly watch outside the window to see the world pass by and I play music along with that so I don’t feel bored, I try to stay awake the whole flight, and Ive done that a lot of times so I’m good with that.

What do you do during your flight? Share what you do below!


Watch the IFE, eat, try to stay awake, if a long haul, I will mostly try and sleep but usually not. I will sometimes just get up and walk around as much as I can.


play xplane 11 on my gaming compiter if i have it or i play the Xplane mobile on my ipad if i dont have my computer i would play infinite flight but it needs internet for the scenery

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Watch tv …

Look outside and think Daaaaaamn son, that’s one hell of a drop…


Since I usually fly on Delta 737-800, I always download episodes and movies of what I wanna watch because there’s not really much IFE onboard and I also have snacks, listen to music and sleep.

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As long your not as high up to FL350 XD that is very high

I record flight trip reports for my channel

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I watch IF tutorials


If the airline whatever you are on have WI-FI of course

Mainly on Emirates m8.

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Download shows on my phone and watch them offline

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Play a bit of IF or some other games and watch movies and eat. Sometimes but rarely I sleep but I love the feel of being in a plane so normally awake!!

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oh yeah same with me i stay awake too and i enjoy the ride on the plane

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On long haul flights to Europe from America, I’ll watch a movie until dinner is served, then after dinner, I’ll try to sleep as much as possible to reduce jet lag. Same with flights from Europe to India. On flights from Europe to America, I’ll watch several movies to try and keep myself awake throughout the flight in order to reduce jet lag. Same with flights from India to Europe. On short haul flights, I’ll watch a movie or two, unless I’m on a domestic flight immediately after returning from Europe, in which case, I usually accidentally fall asleep.

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On my flights to Hawaii from JFK, I watched movies, used ForeFlight and had meals and snacks. I always have checklists and charts on my iPad and iPhone. On my last two flights, i actually flew IF along with my flight and listened to LiveATC to take “DIRECT TO” and heading/altitude vectors it was awesome! I landed 65 seconds behind the plane on thr outbound leg and actually WITH the plane on my inbound trip!


dude that sounds cool m8

It depends, refer to the following:

Long Haul (Arrival time: Morning)
Try to sleep. (Priority, when I arrive, I can actually live and have fun, one way I don’t get affected by jet lag)
Watch IFE.
Try to sneak a peek out of the window.

Long Haul (Arrival time: Night)
STAY UP, but sleep for an hour or two! (It will make me tired, it is night time anyways, once I get on the bed at the hotel, I can sleep faster).
IFE to keep me awake.
Sneak some peeks out of the window.

Mid-Short haul flights (Arrival time: Any)
Stay up.
Watch some videos (if able).
Eat. (if able)

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Long Haul
Drink - Fissy
Walk around the cabin

Short Haul
Look out the window
Eat the free cookie and candy
Drink water
Play on my phone


Short Haul (30 minutes - 2 hours):

  • Play Games
  • Listen to music
  • If I am tired, I will sleep

Medium Haul (2 hours - 6 hours):

  • Play Games
  • Watch In-Flight Entertainment (if any and free)
  • Listen to music
  • Sleep (If I am tired)

Long Haul (6 hours+):

  • Play Games
  • Listen to Music
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

Getting water and food will be part of the list in all three. I will get them from time to time.