What do you miss in flight reviews?

Hello community 👋
When you read/watch a flight review, what are the most important aspects to get in about the flight that most reviewers miss? For example:

  • Seat
  • Comfort
  • On board services

What do you every reviewer miss out on?
Let me know :)


It’s difficult to actually rank them for me but at the top would definitely be food, privacy and comfort.


Ill take notice of that when i fly tomorrow :)

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We also like to see the full take off roll!

A lot of established reviewers will cut the take-off roll or speed it up for times sake and replace the audio with some generic song. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just something I see less and less 🤣


I’ve learned a lot from people who create trip reports so I try to incorporate as many important elements as I can into mine. The more details the better.

  • Check-in area of the airport’s terminal
  • Interior of the airport’s terminal post-security
  • View of the aircraft, and attempt to get a decent thumbnail.
  • Take note of any delays before boarding
  • Board, do a quick cabin view
  • Get to the seat and attempt to get a full view of it.
  • Check the legroom.
  • Note of any USB or other types of chargers.
  • Look at the IFE if applicable
  • Record taxi, takeoff, and ascent.
  • Review food/drinks
  • Review the seat comfort
  • Possibly take a look at the bathrooms… AA’s Oasis 737s are noteworthy of having narrow bathrooms and sinks that splash everywhere.
  • Record descent, landing, taxi to the gate
  • Deboard the plane, try to get a better view of the seats and cabin
  • Film the interior of the arrival airport.

Thanks for the tips :)
I’ll definitely try to get those into my review :)

I think context is really important. I see all to many reviews, especially of economy whare the reviewer has flown in a premium class so much they struggle to be objective about the comfort and extras. Often saying it’s bad uncomfortable, and with no bells and whistles, but forgot to mention it costs double digits…


Defintiley seats/food/alcohol for me. When I fly it is usually across the Atlantic.

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Not in any rank, but…

• Plenty of footage aimed outside (to see the plane flying)

• Food

• Seat specs (legroom, width, seatback power, etc.)

• Cabin specs (spacious, mood lighting if present, etc.)

Most important to me would be the outside views. I love just watching out the wing 😊

Safe Flying,

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Seat and view from the window.

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@KPIT @Alex_Kyte @anon38496261 @Airwolf
I’ll take that into account when reviewing tomorrow :)

Anyways happy birthday @Alaska096🎉


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