What do you love most about the IFC?

I love the fact we love and enjoy aviation in so many different ways.

A big group loves spotting and would stand by an airport in a stormy day, while others stay in their warm bed and work as ATC or train people to become one.

Many have a passion for Virtual Airlines and real life simulation is everything, while others don’t see an issue parking their Emirates A380 at Santiago airport and fly it to St Maarten.

We have the long haulers and the GA captains, the IFATC Officers and the ‘butter my landing’ pilots. We love our airport editors and the guys who make custom profile pics.

We tell each other how much we hate the noobs, but we’ve all been one.

Long live our differences!


What I love most? It is being able to talk with similar minded people about aviation and other stuff. In addition, to that I like to say hello to people and throw bugs at them about the forum (@Cameron). Also, what is great is that once you meet with someone IRL it makes the IFC better. @MishaCamp I now live in unicorn land :)


It is just because we are aviation enthusiasts together and always remember that great minds think alike!

The VAs and everything


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