What do you love about the MD-11/DC-10?

I like how smoothly the nose comes down on landing (unlike another series of aircraft I know COUGH COUGH a320 COUGH COUGH)


I think it’s an ugly aeroplane but a superb rendering by the team nevertheless.

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I know this is weird but I love third engine. Very detailed and I love the wing flex and the cargo doors wow… Amazing 👍

Lol, totally agree. With the MD-11/DC-10 I can actually arm the spoilers!

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  • Cargo doors
  • Wingflex
  • It’s very powerful
  • The two pilots(I won’t feel lonely again on a long flight)
  • 4K
  • New liveries.

How do you open the cargo door? Whenever I try, the action button doesn’t do anything.

the animations much softer.

Systems > actions > A list pops up saying either open cargo doors or open main doors

Usually I exit to the menu and spawn back in again and its fine afterwards

The truth is nothing, I do not like the aircraft, what I would love is that all had the same features.

I love the wing flex, the open and closing feature for the cargo doors, plus refueling in mid-air.

How much a challenge it is to land


Well said, couldn’ have put it better. I also love the winglets on the MD-11, nice detail ;).

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Landing is okay, but the pitch of the aircraft does make it a little bit of a challenge.

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The airspeed you also have to watch or you will stall


I love the cargo doors, and the fact you can shut off engine 2 to save fuel without any negative effects.

The first officer actually made me scream the first time I looked around the cockpit.


Make sure the parking brake is on and that your aircraft is not moving when trying to open the cargo doors

everything, basically

Everything but FDS should add more classic liveries for the DC-10.

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I love the wing flex. It seems even more dynamic than the same feature on the 787.