What do you like to do when you fly?

Hey guys can you please comment what you guys like to do when you are on a flight. Just for curiosity as I have always wanted to know what other IF ers do on a flight. Thanks


touch and go in a 737 all around different regions, specifically Amsterdam, London and SoCal.

I fall a sleep most of the time. I just got tired all of a sudden.


Enjoy the view, ponder and contemplate life.


If the plane has wifi, play IF, watch TV (JetBlue flights only), sleep, or just go on my phone.

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Eat! Sleep! And go to the toilet!

Annoy people by taking the window seat and keep having to ask the others to move so I can access the isle.


So you’re that guy.

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No. I was joking. I usually just look at the window and get bored. I’ve never been on a flight for more than three and a half hours.

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So you don´t go to the toilet in a 12hs flight?

I’ve never been on a 12hr flight, but everyone will surely have to do the same thing.

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Stay up and watch movies and look out the window.

I’ve been on multiple 13+ hour flights and have managed to avoid the toilets all together. The main reason I get up is to stretch my legs to avoid muscle contractions.

I like to film my flights and put them on youtube but now the kids are older they get the window seat and I get soar arms trying to film from the next seat.


I’ve been on 4 :)

Ive crossed the pond 4 times. For those flights I try to sleep for about 3 or four hours and spend the rest of the time watching movies. On shorter flights I’ll sleep (you see a common theme here), watch tv if they have it or watch the flight tracker.

I try to think on how am I going to sleep in those uncomfortable seats of Economy.

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I look out the window, take pics, and play on my phone. For long (transoceanic) flights I watch the flight tracker, look out the window, play on my phone, take pics, walk around the cabin (stretch my legs!).

I love flying but I have to stand up every 45-60 minutes to avoid my knees locking! That’s why I have to sit by the aisle