What do you like to do during your cruise?

What do you like to do in during your cruise in IF whilst on autopilot? Not in real life!

  • Read
  • Watch YouTube
  • Read the forums
  • Write
  • Watch the cruise
  • Browse the web
  • Read news
  • Other (please comment!)

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Looking at my flight plan, traffic, top of descent, wheater at destination, ATC frequencies,…


I usually just listen to my music that I have on my iPad, or I just take screenshots for fun.


I fly southwest a lot so I watch their free live tv

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I fly the plane.

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It’s in IF, not IRL. 🙂

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I just go on IFC and maybe write a post and reply to some.

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Poop, sorry about that.

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Closed that one, this can stay:)


Well I do a lot of things. I would draw, listen to music, and look for community members. I don’t watch anything because I want to focus on the ATC if i get a call out or something.

Watched a top 5 while cruising once, when I came back I noticed I was 70nm past my destination…

Talk about an overshot!

I don’t do anything other then play the Sim as it ten have any other device that I use as I chat be bothered to use my phone as its small and you can’t multitask as it pauses the flights so I have to just watch the whole flight, I typically only do short flights for this reason max 30 mins but they are usually 20 mins

Watch the oder planes

I Drink pepsi from the pepsi can that is in the cockpit…


Other: listen to music! ;)

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I like to watch crosswind landing videos with headphones but then I miss ATC instructions

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I chose other because I like to quit mid air and it’s not an option.

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Other: Play Street Fighter 4 :3. If its a long cruise, i’ll usually play on my Nintendo 3DS playing Street Fighter 4 3D edition while also looking at how far i’m going while flying, so I don’t overshoot my destination.

MaxSez: one must conclude we are referring to flight and not something you do on water. So, As a Pax I routinely fly business.so I inbibe a free cocktail or two watch the tele, snack, eyeball the Stews and young women passing in the isle and slumber. As crew I set the autopilot, hand the scan and AP watch over to the first officer and coupe. Age and skill has it privilege