What do you like *specifically* about aviation?

Hey guys, I want to know: What do you like about aviation in general?


Um, how about everything … :)


Mankind’s quest to fly with birds has become a reality and it is becoming more advanced everyday


It is one of mankind greatest achievements, and it is the pinacle of engineering.

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I just find it crazy how mankind managed to create something that weighs hundreds of tons can fly through the air with 2 engines, a bunch of wires, 2 large wings… I just find everything about an aircraft amazing.

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Transportation and logistics. The physics undoubtedly being the #1 eye catcher, but the sheer volume of people and things being moved safely from point A to point B these days seem miraculous as well.


The smell. Jet engines just smell… nice when running.

The way it feels.

I like seeing people at airports trying to figure out the aircraft

Goes something like this…

Look son! A a380, it has 4 engines!!!

and im here thinking, thats a a340 ;-;


Even better:

Look son! That aircraft has two propellors! I think that’s an a380!


Ha! Ha! Ha! I always here this when at the aircraft viewing deck in JNB and I think to myself, ‘if only these guys could stop lying to children and women’.

I like the advanced machinery on the aircrafts, ILS is just a miracle.

I hate when they do that! My peers (who don’t care about planes) say is that an AIRBUS 787, (mocking me) or Boeing 826193729


I like the fact that you can fly and the planes 'so propellers

I love how people think helicopters are Cessna

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Just how these complex, big, powerful, versatile, ton heavy BEAUTIES and GEMS of engineering and human kind have evolved in just 100 years to be what they are now.

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