What do you like LEAST about planes?

Everyone loves planes, right? (If you don’t, then you don’t exist in my eyes). But what do you guys hate the most about them? Personally, I find in-flight meals quite… ._.


Failure’s, not much I don’t like really

Nothing, except being forced to sleep by my parents lol


The toilets.

Don’t lie, I know you all were absolutely terrified of them when you were younger. Gonna get sucked out of the aircraft I tell you what…


Yes I hate airplane toilets especially during turbulence happened to be on my last flight really bad turbulence while I was in the lavatory


The other passengers


When they break…

Probably the legroom. I can only speak out of narrowbody experience, but since I am quite tall, legroom is usually the biggest problem for me. Especially bad in this regard were Iberia (A320/19), Eurowings (A320/19) and Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900 (kind of expected due to the airplane).


I love everything about planes no matter what kind of plane it is. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is on small planes like Embraers or Bombardiers is that the seats are so crammed in and its so loud.


Does “preflight INOPs” count? Because that me be the closest I come to “hating” anything about an airplane. Any airplane.

When people look at me weird for taking pictures of a metal tube that throws itself through the air at extreme speeds.


The constant noise inside

That crying baby that nothing can be done to calm it down. Is understandable why, but its very annoying.

^^^^^^^ This is sooo relatable, especially in South/North american airlines


If it applies, the other pax. Loveliest flying experience was also the time I had a domestic first class cabin to myself and one other person seated on the opposite side of the cabin.

If not the other passengers, then probably the noise, but I think that’s more negligible given noise-cancelling headphones exist.

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Bring a jet pack when you go to the toilet - problem solved

Be rich and get a private jet - Problem Solved

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Seeing a baby get on the plane and then you takeoff and…….👶😭😭 this happened to me on a red eye from TPA-SEA

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Get pictures of metal cuboids instead - Problem Solved


probably the expense to fly on them

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