What do you have on your info bar?

Hi everyone! One of Infinite Flight’s greatest features, in my opinion, is the flight information bar at the bottom of the screen. It contains seven slots, which are fully customizable to show you vital information about your flight at a moment’s notice. I imagine while most people have similar things selected to be shown in this bar, I bet many of you have very different things on it!

Personally, I like to have the following on my information bar from left to right:

  • Ground Speed

  • Altitude (AGL)

  • Fuel Used

  • ETE To Destination

  • Visibility (What I choose to have in this slot varies)

  • Fuel Remaining

  • Winds

I’m very curious to see what you guys have in your flight information bar and why! Leave a picture or list below of what your bar looks like.


I have, in this order, from Left to Right:

Airspeed - Altitude MSL/AGL [Depends] - Heading ºM - Yoke - Vertical Speed - Ground Speed - Load/ETE Dest

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This is mine!

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Ah VNAV, a solid addition! I feel like I could sub my visibility for VNAV.

I sort stuff from takeoff to landing/left to right

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Ground Speed Altitude AGL Vertical Speed Heading (M) Fuel Remaining ETE DEST VNAV

I have from left to right:

Airspeed, Altitude MSL, Altitude AGL, Fuel Remaining, ETE to Dest, Winds, and Ground Speed

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Thats a very smart way to do it!! I might have to do some adjusting…

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  1. GS
  2. Altitude AGL/MSL depending on what im doing
  3. Yoke
  4. VNAV
  5. ETE to dest.
  6. Fuel left
  7. Dist. to Dest
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Thanks! When doing pattern work I sub 7 for landings and 6 for flight time.

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A few people have said yoke so far…what do you use that one for? Personally, it doesn’t seem useful but I could be missing something

I know it off by heart which is quite embarrassing :O


Airspeed/Altitude MSL/Winds/Yoke/Dist to Dest/Fuel Remaining/ETE (sometimes landings)

idk why I have it i just left it there since i got IF

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I know mine too haha it’s like its programmed! When I fly patterns, I like to substitute landings in where I normally keep visibility. Helps me a lot!

It just shows my inputs and tells me how calibrated I am and if I need to trim my aircraft.


Oh in that case, it makes more sense!!

Left right:

I don’t see how anyone can live without these, heres an example

Load - ETE Dest - Local time (sim) - Ground speed - Dist to dest - Altitude AGL (for landing, when in flight I have it on Fuel remaining) - Flight time

Load: So i know how heavy I am
ETE: uhhh yeah I think you can guess why I’d need this
Local time: I always use current time so this is cool to have so I know when the sunrise/set will be, I guess this one isnt as important
Groundspeed: Its on the hud too but I like it there so I know how fast I’m taxiing and cruising with wind
dist to dest: helpful for TOD and also for PIREPS for VA’s
Altitude AGL- helps with high alt. airports and greasing. I have this as fuel rem. during fligjt bcs thats importtamt, then aftere I land for a VA flight I put it as fuel used for PIREPS
Flight time: always helpful, nice to look at, and good for PIREPS

I’ve had it the same way for a year

spelling 100


Fuel used is great for filing PIREPS! The only other way to do it is IFOps or using math (record fuel before and subtract fuel left after the flight), so having it on the info bar is easier!

From Left to Right mine is;
Ground Speed, Altitude MSL, Altitude AGL, ETE to Dest, Distance to DEST, Fuel Left or Load, VNAV

If I’m doing patterns I’ll swap VNAV for Landings or Flight Time

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Mine is: GS, Alt AGL(for the final moments before touchdown), bearing(pretty useless now that we have LNAV, but this is my 4 year old setup so no changing lol), nearest airport (uhh why not?), ETE to next, ETE to dest., and remaining fuel

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Hey you never know…you could run out of fuel sometime and need to land ASAP! Although the nearest airport is usually some grass strip so I hope you’re in a GA!

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