What do you guys want in an IF related app?

I am about to start work on an apl probably for IOS for the foreseeable future. And want to know what you guys want, I have a few ideas, and have seen some previous ideas, but many are already a thing, or in development. So list me some things you may want in a good app, general or specific, and try to like a post if you aggree instead of saying I aggre, or putting it down a second time. Also this is my first reall app, so dont expect me to pick somthing too crazy, or have super high expectations for the app.

(I put this in general since there is no app yet… Tell me if it should be moved, Thanks!)

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I’m guessing this is for Infinite Flight? A VA app would be pretty nice.


I moved it to #thirdparty as it just seems like a better fit there.


Thanks, I wasnt sure since there was no app yet

I realy like this idea, does anyone have anything to add to this, maby somthing they would like to see in somthing along with this idea?

Maybe an app to view IF only airplane descriptions and charts.


Mabey you could make an Infinite flight Community app with the help of the Mods and Regulars here…

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Oh, right. I’m that smart I forget to search first…

Sound effects very simple 😏


This would be good, and please with notifications xD

Yeah, I’d really love to see an app that could help manage VA’s or help with creating new ones.

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I’d like an app that has all the warnings and is dedicated to them. I know IF-A already has some, but not all. A dedicated app would be amazing!

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An idea I had recently that you can feel free to steal because my Mac isn’t capable of running Xcode…

An FMC application. My idea is you turn a second device into an FMC, and it automatically enters your flight plan into IF, and also adds VNAV capability to IF based on target speeds, altitude restrictions, etc. that are entered into the FMC, just like a real aircraft.

I think thos is already in the works…

Pilot to Pilot comms app. Not voice, but some canned statements, questions, And responses. This would add to comradery.
Should have the ability to block trolls, or an invite feature.


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