What do you guys use to increase the level of simulation in Infinite Flight?

So I know a lot of apps and websites where they help me raise the level of simulation and realism !! I wanted you to send me links from websites or app names that you use to increase your simulation !! I see that a lot of people do not know about these apps and so on … I think that by doing this topic I will be actually helping people to simulate with more reality, using the apps / site that you indicate !! Please if you have a similar topic send me :) If you want I can leave the extensive list of apps / sites I use !!

You can find most of the applications that help Infinite Flight in #thirdparty

Here are a list of all those applications: Third party projects for IF | Database

Also, I use simbrief and fpltoif.com

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I use the same as @kylen15

Thanks you !!! I will take a look !! Simbrief is a great site!

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