What do you guys think?

Hey fellow community members today I have a question for you guys. Today I want to ask you guys if you find flying reworked planes easier than non reworked plane ? Before the 787 update I couldn’t fly the plane at all now flying the 787 is a piece of cake. Same for the A320 series update . I struggled flying the A321 and now the a320 series are one of my favorite planes to fly. What do you guys think ? Let me know in the comments below.

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Re-worked planes are always the best. The 787 and the A320 family are a great example.

The 787 before the re-work, was a plane that no one touched, but now that they re-worked it, everyone flys it. So in my opinion, a re-work encourages you to fly a plane that you may not have tried out before!


Usually they get better when they are reworked.


I find the A330 really difficult to fly. It’s physics are messed up


That is so true I also struggle with the 757 and 767


In my opinion it’s not became easy, it’s because you can handle well now than before about the 787. I like the A321 it’s good to I agree with you in that point .


I agree that it’s become easier. I have to acknowledge the variable that from pre re-work to post re-work I’ve also become a better IF pilot just from the time spent flying. So am I better from the re-work? Or am I better from more experience. Hmmm. The world may never know.


You just need to learn to fly the planes with old physics, it’s a different technique. I’ve been flying on IF since at least at least 2012, so old physics isn’t something foreign to me.


i would agree cause i"ve had I.F since summer of 2012…but i would also agree that the A330/B767 need tweaking to align them with other reworked aircraft

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But definitely, but they’re not unflyable as some claim.


I have to get used to every changes in the flight models. :)

Oh, please change the title to something more fitting. ‘What do you guys think?’ says nothing about the topic content.

They are all pretty easy to fly… don’t really notice much of a difference. Physics aren’t good enough to.

Well, the reworked aircrafts are much better to fly and give you a good feeling. Aircrafts like the A330 definitely need some reworked physics. As @Captain_Dan mentioned, it makes a big different and takes your experience in a whole new level. The best example is the B787.

Would be great to get the A380 cockpit reworked/updated!

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For sure, was surprised that the cockpit did not have movable parts for such a modern aircraft…

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I like it that way. All aircrafts don’t have to be the same. Though the 787 is great to fly, I don’t really enjoy an “easy” aircraft. That’s why I never use the auto landing. I still fly most aircraft, especially the mighty 747-8.

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Whilst I prefer reworked aircraft, as most people likely do, I personally don’t find them any easier or more difficult to actually fly.

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The Embraer 170/190 series needs a physics rework.

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