What do you guys think of the CRJ

Now that the new CRJ update has been fully implemented, what do you guys think about the planes, are there anything that you don’t like or love?

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Although I am not a Crj fan I do have to say I am really impressed with the work that the developers have put into this aircraft… such as the graphics and amazing new features !


I love all of the CRJs! They all are unique in a certain way! Here are all the CRJs ranked in my opinion

1. CRJ-200
This aircraft is such a great plane to fly. It glides through the air with ease and is easy to get used to. If you love regional jets like me, this is the plane to use!

2. CRJ-900
This aircraft is great if you want to start using the larger CRJs. It has plenty of liveries and is super easy to fly. This is may be the easiest and you can easily pick it up.

3. CRJ-700
This aircraft for me is pretty average. I always make sure my flights are super realistic whenever I do them. However the issue with this aircraft is that it’s not used on a ton of routes. The aircraft itself is pretty good and the physics are on point but I don’t use it a lot.

4. CRJ-1000
I really am not the biggest fan of this one. It’s pretty hard to get used too and does require the most skill out of all the other CRJs. I also think that some of it’s wing views are disgusting especially inside the cabin. Either way though, it is a good aircraft but it isnt my favorite.

The CRJs are the most unique planes in the sim. Because I love to do regional routes, I am in love with these planes! I think FDS really outdid themselves with these and I am so glad that the CRJ got a rework!


I would agree with your points, except for the CRJ1000, I find that the 900 is more difficult to fly than the 1000, but it is still super fun!!


Still getting used to the new aircraft. The crj200 seems to have some turning issues but that may just be me trying to fly her like the rest of the family. The CRJ7 and 9 are my favs, hard to pick between them but they are all great. Completely agree as a VA staff member how big these are as additions to the IF fleet as they completely the regional need for most of the big VA’s


My favorite CRJ is the -200. My only negative for it is how the seats in the cabin tower over you. I was really looking forward to seeing a tiny cabin, especially when all of the other CRJ’s, you could see over the seats. So hopefully in the future the view will change to how I like, or the way on how I perceive the cabin view changes.


I have no issues with any variant apart from the autopilot NAV mode which is really poor for some reason, compared with the A320/ MD11 etc. Apart from that the plane is an absolute joy to fly and look at.

I have no complaints and all praise even for the cabin view of the CRJ-200 where it is like I am a kid in the cabin lol.


Sorry to go off topic here, but imagine we would have the ability to sit in as a passenger in one of the IF aircrafts (for now the CRJ), and be part of someone else’s landing…

Feature request? 😉


just imagine the possibilities of requesting flights with VA’s with this haha


If this was a thing I would never leave IF

Is it me or is the nose wheel nose wheel a little stiff. What I mean is if you let go of the rudder button the nose wheel just snaps back in place unlike the 737, 747 etc. The a320 has the same situation where the nose wheel just snaps into place. The 737 in my opinion is easier to make small smother corrections than in the crj family or Airbus a320 family when taxiing.


CRJ 200 is where the money is at for me.


I absolutely love these new aircraft, they are by far my favorite in the sim. Not just because of it is one of my favorite aircraft in real life, but because of the stunning graphics and flight physics. I’ve been waiting for this rework since I first downloaded the sim, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Great job devs!


The level of detail in all of them is pretty remarkable. 👏🏼


I agree no bugs no nothing its truly remarkable

Or lack of money, as it were? 😉

I agree to all statements above!! It’s my new favorite aircraft to fly!

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Its my 2nd favorite airline in IF now

Very fond of CRJ, the appearance looks cool and suitable for short distance routes, especially for Indonesia.
CRJ-1000 is very popular with Indonesian players and likes to fly to a remote airport with what is said to be quite short also she is had a good range too

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