What do you guys think about the pro subscription prices on Infinite Flight?

FSX has that for about $5 for lifetime usage if you get it on sale

FSX has more than that, all with live cockpit and tilting gear and all that, and you can also get thousands of addon aircraft that also have live cockpit and perfectly working instruments

FSX has that

FSX has that


However, Infinite Flight’s value lies in its community and accessibility, something that the entire community should be proud of.

FSX has that

FSX has that

I don’t think it represents its worth. If we can get realistic motor engine sounds, i can say it is good.

well i don’t wanna be too repetitive but… FSX has that

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IF is your best bet if you are on a mobile device. Right now, I do feel like they have a monopoly on the mobile flight sim market because none of the other mobile flight simulators come even close to IF’s level. (I seriously wonder how it will play out with X-Plane Mobile Global in the future)

@rockpapernuke, is FSX on mobile? Most people here can’t really afford high-quality PCs for super ultra mega crazy beautiful extraordinary realistic flight simulators. Their mobile device is all they got so it’s either IF or some other unknown and low-quality simulator.


FSX is playable on a basic laptop, because it was made in 2006!

Agreed. This is why I still view Infinite Flight as a great game, and the one to go for if you prefer to use a mobile device.

But does everyone have a laptop? No!

A lot of people here have just their phones (yes phones) so their best bet is IF. They have no other choice and you can’t expect to be able to effectively promote FSX if a lot of the community can’t even purchase a platform for it in the first place

I agree with you on this.

  • Best mobile flight sim
  • performance is awesome
  • updated regularly
  • awesome community and live flights
  • I can do ATC or just fly
  • no expensive and big hardware needed

In conclusion for me, it’s worth every single €
Not even a question, if I will renew my annual subscription


I personally think they are alright. For £10 a month, it’s basically the price of a free coffees per month, to get access to thousands of aircraft, hundreds of unique skins and aircraft, and above all, participation in the IFC community.

I wish i had a laptop… lol
Being in the fire service we are up and down with running calls, I can only imagine walking into the station with a PC and joysticks. "Wuuuuzzzz uuupppp"😁

Here is my honest opinion.

IF is one of, if not the best mobile app that I’ve ever used. The Live ATC, the variety of aircraft and liveries, and the fact that you can fly Anywhere in the world makes it so special and unique compared to other sims. I think that the way that IF used the community, in this case the IFAET is very smart. They use volunteers that are willing to help IF develop . As I said, this is something that many, if not most, mobile apps don’t do.

IF devs take our opinions and thoughts, and take what the community wants into consideration. I admire this. The cost though, many would say it’s a bit expensive.

I personally, think it’s expensive. However, I don’t really think that its 100% worth it. When I first bought my subscription, I was rather disappointed that the aircraft didn’t have live cockpits. Compared to Aerofly or X-plane, they have barely anything to match when it comes to cockpits.

For the price that is set, you would at least expect live cockpits. But it’s not there. This makes IF to me worth it about 80%. However, with the current development with the B777 rework, the A350, and the Cessna rework, more and more aircraft are starting to have live cockpits. This brings up IF’s worthiness to 90% for me. While I’ve bought the subscription about 2-3 times, I was never disappointed in terms of realism and graphics.

In my opinion, IF isn’t 100% worth it, but in a few months it probably will with the current goodies being added 😉

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It’s a hell of a bargain!!! I mean 10 years ago I used to be into desktop flight Sims, I spent a crazy amount in add-ons, graphic cards, yokes, rudders etc, not even mentioning the headache of having to run the right programs so things would work together with out any crashes, verses IF? All I have to do is just worry about my subscription and that’s it…


Honestly, i think the subscription should be free…

I think cars, motorcycles and fuel should be free. Sadly they are not


Free is good sometimes but not always fair. Someone has to catch the bill

Hell our freedom is not even free


Just to get a few things down.

First of all, Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company. Creating a incredibly highly detailed, ultra realistic and near perfect Flight Simulator costs them a huge amount of money, but considering that the company has so much else to offer, that costumers can enjoy, everything from software to hardware, XBOX to Surface Pro, they are able to give you almost everything for a low-price to be paid once a lifetime. We’ll see what the costs are gonna be with Flight Simulator 2020 when it drops, gonna be interesting see.

Secondly to answer the OP’s question, I think for the price we pay, we do indeed get what we pay for. With many future updates to come, brand new projects to be released and the so close, friendly and excellent support and communication you get to have with Staff is one selling point. Then one must remember that Infinite Flight is on Mobile devices. There are challenges and drawbacks and obstacles that are costly to overcome. And since the company is not as big as Microsoft, and with the trials and error, limitations mobile devices have, therefore resources cost money and the Subscription is where it is. You get basically everything you get on FSX, X-Plane 11, P3D, etc… take or give a few features but IF is a ever-growing simulation that even with the boundaries of mobile devices, keeps growing and revolutionizing how a Flight Sim is supposed to work on phones and tablets.

So the money I pay, monthly, one month by one month, for 12 months and repeat, I know it comes to their assistance for making Infinite Flight strive high and above all else on this platform, Mobile. 🙂


Has to be one of my shorter opinionated posts :)