What do you guys think about the pro subscription prices on Infinite Flight?

I love infinite flight. It’s my favorite game. However I would like to hear people’s feelings about the pro subscription. Is the price worth it. Do you get your money worth from the game. What do you think about it?

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For me personally, yes!! The scenery, the aircrafts and the wonderful community with whom you get to fly with is just amazing! It’s even more fun when you’re flying for a VA with other fellow VA pilots or controlling with a group as amazing as IFATC!


What’s your opinion?

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I think it a good price. I think some scenery could be better and getting on to expert server wouldn’t be as hard. I also think they need to update the aircraft. The Boeing 757 cockpit is blurry.

I agree with you on the price, you get what you pay for really. Have to accept the fact it’s only an app so limited in what can be featured etc - otherwise the ‘carry your passion’ slogan will go out the window sooner rather than later when you can no longer run the app on your mobile device

I think it’s worth it. There’s so much in Infinite Flight that makes it one of the greatest simulators in history, and the developers are constantly updating in-game features so it stays up to date and attractive.

I don’t care if it costs 10 bucks / month for a sub; in those 10 bucks / month I get:

  • Global
  • Every released plane
  • 15m scenery for the world
  • Amazing controls
  • ATC

I could list plenty of other things, but I won’t. This just shows how amazing IF has evolved in uder a decade of hard work put in by our developers.

There’s a reason why it’s called expert server. But that’s for a whole different matter.


That’s true

Are there some things you wished they added to the game?

Yes actually. IF still has a long way to go before adding live cockpit to every plane, 3D buildings, etc.

Those were a few examples.

It is a amazing game. But there is always room for improvement.

In my opinion, the value of Infinite Flight compared to its rather steep subscription cost is highly dependent on what you want to use the game for.

One thing I love about Infinite Flight is its wholesome community - something that even far bigger and more established flight simulators don’t have. Even on VATSIM you don’t see 100+ arrivals coming into the same airport, which is well controlled by ATC. Only Infinite Flight has such an active community.

However, one thing I’ve realised is that Infinite Flight is less of a simulator and more of a game… even though its members are still encouraged and forced (to a certain extent) to follow some realistic procedures and generally act in a safe and realistic manner, the simulation of aircraft systems, scenery and flight dynamics will simply never get even close to the level of most PC flight simulators.

In addition, most established PC flight simulators cost a lot less than Infinite Flight.

So in a way, making the decision to purchase Infinite Flight is a massive compromise that you should consider carefully before buying. If you have a powerful computer and have the option to use more advanced flight simulators, then I would highly encourage you to check them out as well.

My personal experience is that of mixed feelings with Infinite Flight. I got Infinite Flight slightly over a year ago (9 November 2018), and it’s been my primary flight simulator up until my friend gave me a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X a couple of months ago; from which I’ve gradually moved away from Infinite Flight, as FSX is simply so much more realistic and advanced. But sometimes I miss the beautiful community of Infinite Flight and I yearn for a compromise between the two.

So is Infinite Flight worth it? It depends. For me, it’s becoming less and less worth it as I make my way into deeper territory and realise that Infinite Flight is horrendously basic. But for a high quality mobile simulator that can offer hours of fun and so many great people to meet on the community, it’s your best bet.


I think it’s reasonably priced. I can fly anywhere in the world with almost completely realistic procedures, fly Aircraft I’ve never been on, and I have the pleasure and privilege of being a part of the IFATC team. All of this for just $10/month, totally worth it 🙂

I don’t have pc so I can’t play fsx

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You can do that in FSX too, for $10/lifetime.

You can do that in FSX for free.

You can do that in FSX for free.

That’s where the value of Infinite Flight comes in, as a mobile simulator. If you don’t have a PC then other, more established flight simulators are out of the question.

In that case I would highly encourage you to get Infinite Flight as I’m confident as it will serve you as well as it has served me!

Excellent choice of words my brother!
I would pay more if i absolutely had too. A mobile flight simulator… who would of ever thought, Apple and Android should have these dudes/dudets on a 6 digit payroll. Yes Sir! 🇺🇸🤘😬🤘🇬🇧

Well for a person living in a not developed country, it’s kind of pricy for me. Although yes people may think that $10 USD isn’t too much and can afford it easily, but here $10 USD is around 42.99 MYR and it’s quite a lot just for a month of subscription playing a mobile flight sim. With that amount of money you can probably eat 3 meals if you save.

Price aside, the benefits of Pro is undeniably great. Scenery, aircrafts, airport, you name it. For a mobile simulator, it’s really impressive to think that one can reach this far with mobile, making every single penny that’s spent worthy.

In general, the prices are acceptable. It’s just that it’s all about currency.

Trust me I feel your pain brother, I hope I didn’t come off as if I’m diving in Benjamin’s. That clearly is not the case. All I’m saying is the the time and effort put into a Mobile simulator is amazing within itself.
I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about the USCG-IF, but we’re always trying to reach outside our boundaries.
If I may ask, do you enjoy Infanite Flight other then the $?

What are my thoughts? I think it’s worth every penny. Do I like spending money? No. Well I take that back it depends. 😂
Anyways, I feel as if the pricing point is worth what you’ll be granted with when you have Pro. Think about it. Thousands of miles of scenery with 10’s of different aircraft types with live and atc. How much better can it be?

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Mixed. However, I know that…

  • forum is expensive
  • servers are expensive (scenery too)
  • pay

So it all pays off