What do you guys think about my flight review video?

I have uploaded a new flight review on my channel and it has gotten a bit of hate and love so I wanted to know how good or bad my video was [poll type=number min=1 max=10 step=1 public=true]
1 super bad and 10 like Dantorps videos

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You might want to make votes private.


Why is it bad

I had a quick scan through your video …

Few things:
-Try to shake your camera less.
-Show the check in , boarding and overall airport experience instead of jumping to being in the seat waiting for pushback.
-Try not to zoom in way too much.
-Tell us what you are eating.


Ok thanks for the suggestions

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I think you could do without the music.

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I think the video is great. Although like others have said, try to shake the camera less. Also next time, try to make the music a little quieter. Otherwise the video is great! Nice job.

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  • As previously said, camerawork is too shaky. It ruins the timelapse completely
  • Don’t constantly zoom in on everything, especially in the time lapses (you need really good camerawork if you’re not using a suction pad to stick to the window)
  • Film out the window, instead of having half the window in the shot
  • Maybe reduce the tunes or even get rid of them at certain spots like takeoff
  • Show your journey to the airport and in the airport, check in, boarding etc
  • Show the details of flight, an overview of the aircraft, contents of the seatback pockets, meal services
  • Showing all those contrails reduced the video overall. You just zoomed in on blurry things that made me want to go and do something else.
  • Don’t cut off any announcements made by the crew, this often adds some nice information to the video

You mentioned Dantorp’s flight reviews, why don’t you go and use them for inspiration. That could help you a lot.

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