What do you guys enjoy more,taking off or landing?

For me I love landings because it is a lot more challenging to land a plane than it is to take off but what about you guys?

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Cruise. Because you got to do nothing. :troll:

On a more serious note, I really prefer cruise, but between take-off and landing, no doubt I also prefer landing because it’s challenging.

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Landing - its so satisfying.

Heavy takeoffs though are also satisfying though…

I can’t decide….😰

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It really depends on my mood but generally i think obviously everyone would prefer landing over taking off! On the other hand another question which could be asked on similar lines would be, if one loves to depart or arrive from/into busy airspace (which sadly to an extent is not possible anymore with the new region thing) my preference is generally to arrive in a busy airspace.

What do you guys like more?

  • Arrive in a busy airspace
  • Depart from a busy airspace

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Landings are challenging, but takeoffs with strong crosswinds are challenging as well, so for me it depends on the weather 😂

Landings. Because your iPad is thanking you after a long flight.

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