What do you guys do while your in a flight

Wassup truckers
just wondering what do you guys do
when you are flying in infinite fight
and I may think you’ll stall and crash
thats what happend to me
so what do you all do while during a flight

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In the middle of long flights, I usually sit and read a book or study while still monitoring the screen.

So you stalled and crashed? Maybe we can help you prevent that in the future. Just tell us what happened 👍


I like to sleep… or go to school… or both

  1. Sleep
  2. Bring my dog out to play
  3. Watch TV
  4. Actually fly in the real world
  5. Eat
  6. Play drums/piano
  7. Ski
  8. Bike
  9. Sit on the porch and listen to Live atc
  10. Do homework

Generally I eat dinner and do homework. Typically, I do my flights around the same time every day. Sometimes I do a flight during school, though. Otherwise when I’m at home and I’m doing a flight after I eat dinner and do homework, I play Rocket League or watch Netflix.

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I listen to music, do homework and check flight every now and then.

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Go on the IFC, as of right now I spend time drawing one of my biggest blank world maps ever. There may be route maps using it
Maybe I draw an airplane someone suggested, do some IFAET work, go on YouTube and watch some comedians, gamers, aviators, eat some food, I can be doing anything.

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Go about your regular day. Also, I think I saw a post like this about a week ago…

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Who doesn’t do this tho…

I am gonna ski tonight and I’ll probably do a 14 hour flight that will last overnight.

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I skied last night and did a flight during while I skied 😂


Usually I study and check on the flight. Sometimes I sleep during the flight and set an alarm before I land although strongly not recommended cause there’s a high chance of you flying pass your destination and then loose fuel and oof.

Yeah, the issue is then you loose interest in studying because you’re checking on the flight every 2 minutes.


Go to class if I take off in the morning and a long haul. If it’s night and a long haul, I go to sleep. If it’s a shorter flight, I’ll do homework, play video games with friends, go shopping, get food…Whatever I need to do

Basically get on with life.
Although I check every 5 mins how my flight is going

You guys ski mid flight? I’ll be having fun skiing down a dinky 12 foot hill. Without snow.

  • Do Homework
  • Walk my dog
  • Watch YouTube/Netflix
  • Sleep (if overnight)
  • Hang out with friends

I just go about my day and check on my flight periodically.

This can include:

Taking care of CAP assignments
Watching TV
Reading IFC

This is an underrated reply 😂

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2 more hours of school, then skiing.

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I usually

  • Sleep
  • Play Call of Duty WWll
  • Fly Xplane 11 on the PC
  • MTN bike
  • watch YouTube
  • play baseball
  • play basketball
  • golf
  • mow the lawn
  • shovel snow
  • bmx bike
  • watch anime

You might be wondering why I didn’t say snowboard even though I’m a boarding nerd who lives in the heart of skiing Colorado? Simple answer to this is that the local mountain I hit up, Sunlight, has crappy cell reception and I need all the battery I can get so that I can blast music from the lifts.

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