What do you guys do to make your flights realistic as possible ?

Just wondering what do you guys do to make your flights realistic as possible . For example I say " announcements " in my flight to say to my passengers before and after my flight. And I also have a checklist before I pushback or taxi. So let me know what you guys do ?


I just follow checklists and set a realistic FP

Also realistic FL and AP

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Oh ok cool

And I guess speed and Stuff fits under AP and FL

And another thing is stay in the cockpit the whole time and use free cam to do a pre flight check around the plane act like a ground crew I guess


Turn on the strobes only when entering the runway, turn off strobes and landing lights after I deviate from runway heading after take off, turn seatbelts lights during taxing takeoff, descent and turbulence and switch them off otherwise.Deploy flaps on proper speeds.


Oh wait are you supposed to put seatbelt sign in take off ?

• Checklist
• Turn the time from sunrise > noon > sunset > night
• change the fuel during flight


Oh I usually do the time change to :)

Lol me too, I’m like all passengers welcome on board blah blah blah, and I always make sure I turn the seat belt sign of and on and the smoking sign too so I basically make announcements often even though I’m talking to myself lol!


Yeah I know and then people are just staring at me like I have issues lol


Yeah it’s so true


Check the SID, I’m concentrated as I’d be in a real Flightdeck, I wait some minutes after pushback for (virtual) engine start…


Checklist,realistic flight plans using aircraft liverys seen in that region only and using hud2 cockpit view

Don’t strobes stay on for the entire flight?


Nope only when you enter a runway (to cross) and turn them off when you get off. Once your cleared to enter the runway for takeoff, you keep the stobes on until you exit the runway when you land

So you mean to say I need to keep the strobes on during the whole flight?

You’d turn strobe on as you enter the runway for takeoff and you’d turn it off as you exit the runway after landing, this is same for landing lights.

You maybe thinking of the beacon that stays off while the engines are on.

I use realistic weights, change time of day, play the safety video corresponding to airline I’m flying before taxiing, turn off beacon lights at gate, use realistic runways at airport (or at least try to since ATC doesn’t allow it sometimes) such as 08R at honolulu for departures, spawn at correct terminal for airline Im flying, use real life departures and approaches, uhhh what else?

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