What do you guys do for a living? What got you into IF and aviation?

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I’m a Rides Operator at my local zoo, currently in a tech school studying Criminal Justice to then become a law enforcement officer with the State Highway Patrol after working as a 911 Dispatcher for a few years. I was thinking of becoming an Air Traffic Controller later in life, which led me to infinite flight in a way since I have a passion for aviation as well.


I’m a high school student planning to be an air force pilot. I really got into IF over the pandemic when I was looking for things to do at home.


I’m a former commercial pilot for a US regional carrier. Unfortunately, I had to cut that career short because of a medical issue, but I’ve worked in and around the aviation industry the better part of the past 25 years enjoying every moment.

I now own a small IT business.

As a young child, I loved aviation - it’s a passion. One of the first flights as a child I have fond memories of was a Delta DC-8-50 from KORD to KMCO followed by flights on types like the 727-200, 737-200, and DC-9 between O’Hare and Midway to Orlando. First time I was on a widebody, it was an Eastern Airlines A300-600 from ATL-MCO – I loved every moment of it.

Unlike others, I’ve always had access to high end gaming PC’s capable of running full sims. What I love about IF is the portability of a mobile/iPad based sim.

The IF community is second to none, well organized, and is a highly diverse group with members of different ages, backgrounds, industry experience, financial means, cultures/languages, – you name it – that are all drawn together for their love, interest, and passion for aviation.


Love this thread, thanks for sharing everyone. Glad to have you all here :)


Glad to be a part of this great community!

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I remember. I was 10 and always loved flying, although being very scared. One day I wanted to download a mobile flight simulator, and found IF. however, when I wanted it, it was still when IF cost 5.99$ to buy. So I did what every kid would do and stole my mom’s credit card 😂.
This small detail started my passion. I grew more and more addicted to aviation, and now I’m a Pilot

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I cause trouble at a company that makes a mobile flight simulator.


Comment of the month so far 🤣🤣


I’m a student at a high school who plays infinite flight in his free time


Well, I’m 38 years old, I’ve been a professional dancer for 20 years and since I was a child I’ve always had an empathy with airplanes and a fear of flying. When infinite wasn’t multiplayer I played with the simulator and since then I’ve been following the evolution of infinite flight and becoming more interested. I was from that era hahah👇🏾

Throughout I learned about commercial planes and today I’m not afraid of flying. And today I have this cockpit that I built and I intend to get my private pilot’s license.

After I finish my dancing career I intend to be a Physiotherapist🤪 . Continuing flying and meeting friends here. Note: I have been improving my English here for many years.


i was born in taiwan and moved to 'merica when i was 6. my aviation journey started back when my dad used to take me spotting in the famous “airport alley” just behind the threshold of runway 10 at rcss. any mode of transportation interests me, but being a pilot always comes out on top as something that i truly want to achieve in the near future. as for if, well

games + love for aviation = my addiction to if


I’m not entirely sure when my aviation journey truly began. To be honest, I’ve had a love for aviation since childhood. I’ve always enjoyed passing by airports, spotting planes, and gazing at the lights in the sky. This passion has been a constant presence in my life, driving me to pursue my dream. Currently, I’m working towards obtaining my Private Pilot License (PPL) while also indulging in Infinite Flight during my free time.

In order to pursue this dream, I made the decision to leave my hometown and relocate to another city. In my previous home, I worked as a store manager. Now, in this new city, I’m actively seeking employment opportunities, preferably within the airport environment, as I desire to be surrounded by the beauty of aviation on a daily basis.


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I really like this statement. The “well organized” part doesn’t get emphasized enough I think. “Diverse group” is what I also really appreciate.

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Ever since I could remember I’ve always had a passion for aviation. Apparently when I was 2 I flew on a BA B747 to Delhi but I can vaguely remember the flight. Idk what caused it I just liked seeing big planes. I remember my first A380 flight I was so excited but it was so quiet and smooth it didn’t feel like I was on a plane with 4 engines. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I have time to think before it’s too late. I’m thinking of keeping aviation as a hobby and not stress about it as a career. Aviation is what makes me happy and I got to enjoy it through IF


Started out as a technician in aviation maintenance but now a photographer. One Aircraft in the sim I have actually flown the real class d sim at the factory it’s was built at.


Im currently a student, i’m trying to get into the RAF Following the end of my IB Education. Following the RAF, I hope to get a scholarship / cadetship into an airline, then get into corporate aviation flying Gulfstreams.

This all started years ago, when I got the chance to sit in the jumpseat on a flight from Singapore to Bali. Ever since then, I’ve gotten a book signed on every flight, worked towards my PPL and flown across the world on the longest flight and to every continent (Aside from Antarctica), to name a few.

oh yeah also my whole family being in aviation and pressuring me also kinda caused this


Is it true that if someone has a nut allergy it prevents them joining the RAF?



What I do for a living

I’m still living with my family but here are the things I do

  • School (currently writing my college essay and history paper)

  • 3D Artist ~ Currently working on two aircraft for MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) (I’m not a developer for them) (I’m founder of a third party or organization that’s developing aircraft with a few other people) (no one is being paid because it’s for fun) (not even me because I’m the owner and have a co-founder

  • Coding - I’m currently coding a website for the “third party” or “organization”

that’s all I do!

Here’s a render of the aircraft that a few other people are working on with me. THIS IS FOR MSFS, NOT FOR INFINITE FLIGHT