What do you guys do during cruise?

what do you guys do during cruse?

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Anything other than watching my plane for the duration of the cruise


Sit on a table, place my iPad in front of me and systematically check my altitude, speed, heading, warnings, passenger announcements and master battery, in this order.

Afterwards, check my surroundings and see if ATC is active.

Finally, run a in-flight checklist I created with every single important detail (here) that I must make sure is fine.

Take a 20 second break to breathe and relax and then repeat.

Then I will repeat the process until landing. Nights are difficult to go through.


You had to do me like that huh?

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I’m glad you enjoyed my checklist

Definitely will use it!

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can we please stay on topic

I play Minecraft or browse my VA’s Discord, maybe some Reddit and IFC too. All with my phone next to my laptop. On long hauls I just sleep.

Relax it was just a joke 😂. But during cruise I like to enjoy some views plan out my arrival if it’s a short haul, pulling up charts gate info etc. if I’m cruising for a long period of time I’ll chat in discord or just chill until it’s time to prep for descent in which then I get charts, arrival info, and gate info.


Second guess my aircraft, livery and route choice.


I felt that resonate throughout my soul


Sleep 😴😴😴😴

why, how could you do this to me

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Go to work, sleep, do groceries. Depends what needs to be done.

I try to enjoy my life and do something else but somehow I find myself checking my ETA every 30 seconds…

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I listen to live ATC do homeschool or I do ground school

Ok but, why are you sitting on the table? 🤨

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