What do you fly with?

Do you have Spotify on or watching a film to keep you motivated just a random little question I thought of.

  • Spotify
  • Movie
  • Non (Pro)
  • Other (comment what)

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I never use Spotify, or netflix or anything. During cruise I only check my phone but only for a quick text message.


Nothing otherwise you get distracted and go off the world border. @Skylines 😂


I’m so Prankster Gangster that I’ll fly with nothing else. I’ll just be flying and doing other things like talking here on the community.


I usually tune in to a but of top notch Spotify to keep me motivated

I wasn’t concentrating in a group flight with TFS. I had to go somewhere so I slowed down. I came back and I was ages away from the region. So I turned and got my speed back at 150knots and 1k feet.

I fly with a computer in front of me and another iPad next to me to view the community and personal checklists… Also a led lamp

I wish I could do that but nobody likes Mac so all the best software is Windows :( I only have mac


I like Mac as do many creators and technology companies like Samsung 😂

Not true… Apple is far better than microsofts computers…

The community. Nothing is more entertaining than read the community as you fly and flying badly.


I like Macs even though I have a Microsoft computer. I will fly and check if I see others too.

I don’t do anything while flying other then put my iPad on my lap to be more comfortable while autopilot is on, maybe that’s why I always get so bored with long flights and get excited when I land 😂

I hate long flight for one and only one reason only: The Floating Point Bug
Sometimes I’ll even draw too while flying.

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Try eating a lollipop while your plane is on auto pilot…

You gotta move and keep your blood going bud 😝


On long flights like WMKK-WSSS or Tampa to Miami I’ll get up and find something else to do until I am close to start descending.

How long is Tampa to Miami

I don’t know really. I just know it takes time to fly from there.

Rarely, I like to put some music on and just chill when I’m flying. :)


Rarely watch something. I usually just entertain myself with some junk or some Music.