What do you find to be the hardest thing to you when being ATC in IF?

Hey IFC!

Like the title says, “What do you find to be the hardest thing to you about being an ATC in IF?”

I find that keeping track of the planes coming and going in at an Airport at once is the hardest thing to do as an ATC in Infinite Flight.

What is the hardest thing for you?


When you have A320’s all remaining in the pattern and then that Cessna 208 spawns in…


The hardest is when there are a billion planes coming in and sometimes they don’t pay attention. Another can be how I have a very slow phone, so it makes it even worse to contact people back after they want to do something.


When you are controlling FNF or a very busy airport and the commands are sticky, it gets very challenging.

Also, when you’re at a special airport that uses two ends of the runway (KASE, VNLK) and it gets busy


There’s no hardest because everything listed for me in a pain

  1. Pilots not listening although I can always ghost
  2. Laura sitting at the apron and other people thinking that taxiing on the grass to reach her and blocking other planes is ok
  3. 20 inbounds within 10 mins without approach(Sequencing only goes to 8)
  4. Back taxi airports, do you make your app controller suffer by sending planes in slowly or you just hold all the planes on the ground and pray people won’t spam out your frequency
  5. Some pilots being allergic to expedite for crossing/backtaxi/exiting but not allergic to expedite on final at 250 knots
  6. (Not as much of a pain). Some pilots being allergic to inbound on the ILS/GPS/Visual calls
  7. (For approach) People not reporting airport in sight
  8. Pilots “have” read ATIS but doesn’t get when there’s no pattern work, straight out deps only etc
  9. Pilots can’t count what plane they’re following in a sequence
  10. (Happens recently) When a beta tester comes near your airspace and your app crashes until the beta guy is gone

I find it hardest when your device us slow and pilots are spamming requests at you, 24/7.

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Pilots get pretty crazy or nervous when moderators and devs start showing up during your session. Either pilots want to show off in front of them or they get so nervous they do something stupid. It gets so bad that mods start ghosting people. Keeping traffic moving efficiently is a challenge when that occurs.


Trying to figure out why people are still at FL310 30 miles out.

Also, not having a command that says “I know the airport is that way, but you still have 15000 feet to lose” and having to just settle with “yeah, you’re with me, got it.”


Two hours without single aircraft on the airport…😴😴

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Honestly, the hardest thing for me is getting people to listen. When I tell you taxi to this end of the runway, don’t taxi to other damm side. Those people bug me off then those who just come to troll.

  • Pilots who think they’re experts by ignoring the IFATC member who says ‘line up and wait’ because they think that an aircraft that just intercepted the ILS is too close.
  • And aircraft I told to line up and wait think I forgot them after one minute
  • Pilots who think ‘Please follow instructions’ is the ghosting message, so they quit to avoid the believed ghost

• The people who leave when you tell them to follow instructions, especially when there one of the only aircraft in the airspace.
• Back taxi airports ( people can’t wait, or they don’t know how to expedite)

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Same here and #10 happened at LEMD earlier today. The place was really busy and within 5 minutes I think I started to get sleepy due to the fact I only had around 10 aircraft.

@schyllberg was at a gate when that happened.

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It wasn’t me! I know who it was, but I won’t kiss&tell!

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I know but you were mad at that person. 😂😂😂

Not going to say who it was either😆

I’d say being ATC at a busy airport and having 3 planes coming in 1-5 NM away and don’t listen to you when you say “Go Around”


Actually, I’m gonna toss one out there, because I’ve been looking for a place to put it.

People who check in with approach or Departure then request something two seconds later.

Skip the check in. Just request what you want.

Believe it or not, when I have 15 flashing strips on approach and 10 of them are meaningless spam, it doesn’t expedite the controlling process. If you’re going to request ILS or Visual, just do it. You don’t need to check in then make me come back two seconds later to reply again.

[Also, FYI, on departure, a check in is a request to follow your flight plan. Checking in, then requesting flight following is both duplicate request and technically incorrect if you’re in a commercial airliner which plans to fly above FL180. FF is VFR. Commercial jets don’t fly VFR above FL180.]


Trying to vector 25 planes to the ground at the same time, and you’ll have planes departing and check in immediately, ask for Flight Following or even ILS approach to an airport at the other end of the planet, and ask for climb to FL350 5 seconds later.

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When the game start to lag out so much that you need to do everything 3-4 seconds in advance and make everything slow down
Then to make matters worse people are going to feel they were ignored as I am only focusing on the one closer to the airport due to the lag, they start to spam “with you” 100NM away
Please, don’t contact approach 100NM away, 50-60NM is good enough

But the most difficult thing will be to close a busy frequency when you have to go but there is no one taking over