What do you expect from infinite flight?

Speaking of which, I am most looking forward to the update of the local carrier Sichuan Airlines livery, although it has not yet been finalized. I saw ANA’s sea tortoise in today’s live broadcast. I believe the Sichuan Airlines’ panda will look as good as the sea tortoise!

The second largest airport in China’s South West China, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (ZUUU), is also in the 3D production, looking forward to its arrival!

(Photo from here I added the text. )

On the other hand, I think the plane will definitely be more detailed, even the interior of the A350 will be completed by the development team one day.

Now, look forward to the arrival of the A380 that has just completed the live broadcast!

(Photos from Live)


Did you get to fly the new A380 during the stream? If so how?
Is the update out?

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I might or might not be the banking A380 in this pictures 👀

Unless they are a beta tester they probably didn’t.

No, but the update is planned for this week according to several staff members on the live stream and in the official A380 progress thread. It’s also been confirmed in the former that the Update had been approved by Apple today, meaning it could come on monday at earliest.


I wish I could fly on a China Eastern 777-300er. Right now CES only has Airbus livery. 777 has been confirmed.


I expect occasional updates that keep the game fresh. I personally think they’ve exceeded these expectations and look forward for what’s next.


I really don’t care about the planes this year, sure it’s exciting, but let’s get other features. Like volumetric clouds, weather system, contrails, gear smoke upon landing. All these features don’t seem like much (except the weather and volumetric clouds) but it will be nearly game breaking.

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I’m hoping to see the following features….

  • Volumetric clouds. Because the current weather system is extremely unrealistic.
  • Static low poly aircraft at airports. I think at least 50% of the parking bays and gates need to have low poly static aircraft. To make it look lively. Existing liveries can be used.
  • Low poly 3D cities. Coz the current 15m/px ground texture is one of the biggest drawbacks of the game. Spoils the whole thing.
  • Ground textures with a higher quality. At least in a 10km radius around airports.
  • Independent control of the taxi lights and landing lights. In my opinion it looks silly taxing without a taxi light or taxing with landing lights on.
  • Contrails….just because
  • Smoke from landing gears when we land
  • We need an interactive environment where light bounces off of objects. I never fly IFS at night, cannot even see the taxiways. Yet when you’re flying above an airport it looks amazing all lit up

Their engine because I’m pretty sure once it arrives then everything graphic-related that we’ve hoped for will arrive. But when will that engine arrive?? No idea lol

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Hoping on adding better ailerons and spoilers working together when slowing down (ailerons basically facing upwards) that can be seen on some planes, as well as more detailed wing flex, e.g.: when taxiing. Or, to include engines with wing flex too, like they did with the A380. Even twin engine aircrafts have those. And of course hydraulic systems.
Overall more complex features concerning planes and aircraft.

I believe that the A380 set a new standard in IFs more dynamic models. And is a first step into that direction.
Just more lively and dynamic models.

As well as an A320 (neo) Brussels Airlines livery ;)

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I would really like the developers to release monthly updates with airports and liveries, this will undoubtedly speed up the process of their appearance


I hope they get back to accepting people for Airport Editing. I know many others including myself who have been waiting a long time to be accepted.

Not only do I have the ability to make 3D models for terminals, I also have experience making airports for FSX before this. And there’s many others like me. At the most we should be able to submit a 3D model which devs can then apply default in-game textures.


I couldn’t say it better.

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I actually expect objects to project a shade where it should be and I am confident it’ll happen as soon as it becomes feasable without burning our devices.

I agree, a small update a month just adding a few airports and liveries would be nice, but I’m not sure how much work it would require for them and if they can work that in, after all, they’re the experts! 😂