What do you expect from Infinite Flight in 2020?

I want the 767 and 747 both to be reworked by the end of 2020 and hopefully a live 787 cockpit to make long haul more amazing than it already is.

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The E170,175 and 190 is just in a mess.Hopefully next year proves to be a good year that something is done about it.


I was sarcastic, it would never happen @Scandanavian54super

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Concorde or B707

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I was being sarcastic too ;)

Hasn’t this turned into a “features light” post. Everyone is just commenting what they want next… I thought that is what the features category is for?

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As I am G.A lover I wish for the 2k20 :
1.Piper Seneca V, cherokee, Arrow, Aztec
2.Cessna 310R, 206, 210, 340
3.Baron 58, Bonanza
4.Lear Jet 23D, 25
5.Cessna citation mustang, 525
6.Taxi lights

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A35K with a British Airways livery
Bank angle fix
Landing physics fix

I understand that every body can suggest anything, but I don’t know why people are limiting what IF can do, I really don’t want to wait until 2021 to have a rework on the A380 & B747.

Realistic expectations: 777 re-work across 2-3 different updates, random GA or corporate aircraft, random military aircraft

Wish list: 757 rework, A220, taxiway lights, A350-1000


Unfortunately you hit the nail on the head…
I might add I’ll bet we will have one highly requested aircraft rework announced in Q3/4 2020

Well the Devs would have a better answer, but in general it’s under-the-hood work.

So for example 18.1 was all about ATC, adding ATIS, logbooks to see ghostings, some liveries, and other improvements that weren’t momentous aircraft updates but smaller additions that helped the sim overall.

In 19.1 it was similar: main addition was replay mode, high-res screenshots, the mini A330-rework, and a bunch of other small improvements again (look at the blog post to see the full list).

It’s quite a smart strategy, because as the developers have said themselves in the release memos, the xx.1 updates set up the year ahead with all their small improvements. In my opinion, part of what makes Infinite Flight so great is the attention to detail, and these updates demonstrate that in a more subtle but impactful way.

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Well said 👏

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Very good. I’ll add one thought to that. Sometimes, Apple and Google deprecate code that we use or rely on. Sometimes is a small change and sometimes it’s huge. Often, the user will never notice the change, but it’s necessary for us to continue. If/when a major code change is required for this reason, we will communicate it to you to help manage expectations.


It seems like a realistic list you have here. 3 updates in 2020, possibly 4.

My judgment after looking at the 777 development thread would be the following:


  • Reworked B772 [ Live instrument, gear tilt, and a possible functioning RAT ]
  • First iteration of clouds
  • Added misc. features


  • Reworked B77L [ Includes the LR and the Freighter ] and possibly the 77W
  • Added features to the live cockpit in the A32X family and A350


  • Updated runway lights OR added taxi lights [ that too only centerline and hold lights, not edge ]
  • I’m not sure what aircraft will be re-worked but I highly doubt a new one will be added. No point in unnecessary speculation because the developers will keep us updated with it anyway. It may be ANY ONE of these: A330 / B737 / B757 / B767 / F/A18

Now, why won’t it be the B747, A380 or A340?

IF haven’t reworked a 4 engine aircraft till now and my assumption is simple. Look at all the reworked aircrafts till now, notice how the wing flex starts on the part of the wing away from the engine. The part of the wing between the engine and the fuselage does not flex.

Therefore in a rework of a 4 engine aircraft, along with the wing flex, they will have to model the outboard engine to move along with the wing, which obviously requires more development and time.

All the best to the developers for the new year! You didn’t fail to surprise us in 2019!


Well I think the A340 will come with the A330 (note that the A340 thread is closed), and there is a slight chance that it may come in 2020, 2021 if not 2020. I wouldn’t doubt the devs ability to whip out reworked aircraft, since for 19.4, they worked on three (two from the ground up) aircraft, an entirely new UI, navigation system and map. They managed to complete this much by December, which is by any means impressive.


It is QUITE impressive they were able to push this update out so quick. But I’m just saying, Idk with even more features being added every update, will they start taking longer or possibly the same or even shorter times! if we take into account the performance capabilities of devices as well.

Alas, all we’re doing is just speculation anyway. My list may not appeal to a lot of users but I’m no expert at judging the efficiency and capabilities of our development team.

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True true, it varies, god only knows.

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the comments and various ideas in this thread. We do, of course, have our various internal roadmaps for 2020 and there is a lot of really interesting stuff planned. Enjoy the short yet sweet remainder of 2019!