What do you expect from Infinite Flight in 2020?

I want to see the reworked Spitfire too. It lacks a lot of new features, such as the cockpit view with working instruments, more liveries and animated pilot, as well as its flight physics.


Will the release of Microsoft Flightsim 2020 have any effect on IF members?

I highly doubt it. At the end of the day, Infinite Flight is a mobile simulator whereas MFS2020 is a desktop simulator. Infinite Flight and MFS2020 are targeting two different markets. They are more like compliments than substitutes for each other and hence have low cross-elasticity of demand.

That being said, some Infinite Flight players may switch entirely to MFS2020, but that’s unlikely :)

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X plane 10 global on mobile looks terrible 🤢

Why are you telling me? Its obvious.

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I want to see the following missing liveries for the 737-700 and the A321-200:

  1. 737-700
    1.1 Delta Airlines:
    1.2 Sun Country
    1.3 GOL (current livery)
    1.4 Alaska
  2. A321-200
    2.1 Lufthansa (both old and current liveries)
    2.2 Jetstar
    2.3 Aeroflot

Hainan Airline livery

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I’d be happy with the A350, 777 rework and maybe one new aircraft. I really would like to see weather added but I don’t that will make it in 2020 due to the challenges I imagine it presents.

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Approach lights, taxi lights, and clouds please and thank you.

Maybe update Bangor International Airport. It’s my hometown airport and has a massive runway which hosts the 101st Air Refueling Wing - however - I can’t put an aircraft larger than an A320 at a gate or parking stand.

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Safety videos.



I would love the following in 2020:
-The A220
-The 737MAX
-The A320NEO
-The A350
-A US Airways livery A330 and A350
-More clouds and engine sounds
-More aircraft with cabins


You aren’t the only one that wants that @aviationjax

  • Taxiway lighting
  • Clouds, rain, advanced weather.
  • 737 rework. Get the existing fleet modernized before adding the MAX.
  • Detailed airports and cities with buildings and local roads and freeways, gates and ramps, ground vehicles, etc. If the Aerofly devs can do amazing airport and city detailing in their mobile app I don’t see why it’s so difficult and far off for IF? Maybe I’m missing something.
  • Some new GA aircraft. Maybe something like a Vans or Sling? Mooney? Beechcraft Bonanza? Tecnam P2006T or P2012? Diamond DA40 or DA60? Piper Archer? Some sort of Ultralight trike would be kinda cool.
  • Color maps.
  • Ability to see gate numbers on the map in flight mode for more accurate post flight parking.
  • Ability to login to ATC interface in observation mode for educational purposes. This would be a great way to learn ATC.
  • Fully interactive cockpits. Again Aerofly has aptly demonstrated this can be accomplished in the mobile arena.

I agree with this.

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Well, as tou said correctly I also think that the devs would be able to implement all of these features… but not in just one year, especially the 3D-scenery and reworking the entire fleet.

I’m agree with you for all these notice


Y’all are expecting too much which is why there’s so much whining about stuff on development threads.

Anyways I just want to see updated maps. That will be a huge stride forward IMO.