What do you expect from Infinite Flight in 2018?

I’m not sure how much we would like engine failure. Like, imagine flying a 12h overnight and then when you’re sleeping one or both of your engines quit, and you fall out of the sky and get 6 violations when it’s not your fault at all


Why do you think that?

People, let’s look back at this topics original post and try to go from there from now on.
Around 90% of the posts in here are basically feature requests. And considering this topic was supposed to be discussions surrounding your expectations for 2018, the majority of the requests aren’t even realistic unless you expect FDS to basically implement a fully featured P3D flight sim with all the add-ons in less than 10 months…

So, let’s keep it realistic… And if you want to request something, we have #features :)

Thank you!


Yea true that would be bad. But I would like to see more realistic stuff like smoke from tire when u land or even if u start an engine maybe and also maybe include APU engine and use that to start each engine. And maybe also like passenger experience from flying so u can see how you did. Does that make sense?

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I definitely dont want engine failure unless I choose to have some fun rather than flying and completing a route

I hope IF will get:

A330, A340 rework

CRJ update


Working Instrumets on certain planes

A350 (first to get instruments, along with CRJ)

And gates at major airport (LAX-JFK-DXB, etc)


Addition to my recent post

It would be great to have a feature where it would automatically go from nav to appr
Which would require making the ability to set a altitude for each waypoint set (also handy for stepclimb) and the atc’s ability to turn on and off runway lights (first add them) and on and off the ils as well as control the active runway and the pilots ability to request these be turned on
And the pilots ability to set their own hold and request to hold
ATIS frequency
Failures of components such as engines and gear in case of over stress
On training server being able to declare emergency (if on min fuel or possibly one of the failures I just said
COMMUNICATION BETWEEN ATC I hate it when I am tower and approach has aircraft land on the runway I’m using for takeoff ( I like to use one runway to for takeoff and a different one for landing if there are two non intersecting runways
And could a violation be given if orders are not followed (takeoff or landing without clearance)

I would appreciate if ther could be a rework on a few planes for wing flex especially the 747 777 737 and a330
And for all planes please add eagle claw and appr mode

I know its a lot but I am thinking of a more 2-3 year idea and I would be a great improvement


That would get abused. Due to the fact that not all users sim is set to the same time, this would also be problematic.

We need that Hawaiian A332!!! In general I’d like to see a 330 rework flex/gear tilt. So many A332’s out there but not one in IF.

-improved lights for sure runway/taxiway/aircraft landing lights illuminate runway etc.
-Updated Nav database with all current SID/STAR/ILS (navigraph subscription?)
-Smoother autopilot.
-scenery at airports and major cities (that won’t crash/overload my device!)

  1. I was really happy about global but the MD and DC updates were eh for me. Nice to have new planes but I would have preferred something newer im not into the retro planes.

  2. What I expect:
    CRJ Rework / New liveries update / ATC update
    A330 Rework
    ERJ Rework
    757 Rework

I think 2018 will be a year of reworking for IF.


fine but maybe as a auto thing where if it is night theyd be on only for the active runway - same for ils

Maybe something impossible … more …

  • unique record from displayname
  • best graphics for south america
  • more library for Brazilian airlines
  • track flight after its finishin and all user data recorded/stored by the IF website.
  • due to the financial crisis of Brazil and the minimum wage to be approximately 300$ o IF Pro could be cheaper. lol :x

And the highest expectation that the simulator grows mainly in Brazil and appear at the top of the list of googleplay :)

This is what I hope or would expect, I’m not asking for anything. =:P

Good winds for all!

I see most members are hoping for a lot of planes and reworks, but in my opinion the current IF fleet is awesome. A GA aircraft would be pleasant, but I believe we should focus more on the features of IF than adding plane after plane. I have a bit of a 3-point plan for 2018…

  1. Expand Satellite Imagery- The number one priority for me is to add more high-quality terrain/imagery to more of the globe. Imagine seeing the ice cold glaciers over Antarctica, or exploring the Alaskan wilderness. To cover the entire globe with these type of experiences would be revolutionary for Infinite Flight.

  2. Improve Ground Lighting- In general, Infinite Flight is too dark, especially on the ground. Unless you turn your brightness to max, which isn’t practical for IF, then you might as well drive to your destination. The runway lights need improvement as well. Taxiway lights would boost the IF experience to 100%, and would greatly improve night flights.

  3. Add a GA Aircraft… or 2- Let’s admit it. Infinite Flight has way too many airliners. We could definitely use a GA aircraft or two. There are a wide variety of GA aircraft feature requests on the IFC. I encourage everyone to go vote for your favorites. It would make IF much more fun while offering a much more diverse fleet.

Each of the points explained above is possible and practical. I hope to see some of them fulfilled, and am happy for the upcoming year. Thank you FDS!


HELL yes we need more satellite imagery. Indinesia looks so bad right now and so does South America

I would like to see more liverys and more active ATC (Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russia, Israel…)

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I want to see a co pilot mode where you can have two players be in the same plane and fly together. I think that would make the game more realistic.


Oh I’d definitely agree with that. Shared Cockpits would be amazing.


The staff at Flying Development Studios, and Staff does so much, everything they do makes the game that much better, and opens up a whole new world of opportunity. I see all these comments of more airliners. I personally disagree with this. I think General Aviation should be a larger priority. Especially some twin engine GAs


For aircraft wise I think more GA additions for 2018 and reworked physics and other essentials for the military aircraft like the C17, A10 etc.

For environmental properties of IF I’d say functional mapping like topography, and improved airport quality not buildings but textures such as coloring.

On that note I’m excited to see where IF/FDS takes us in 2018.

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Id say they should add the smoke for the tires when you land the plane as in real life.