What do you expect from Infinite Flight in 2018?


Taxiway lights

Real Airports building and gates

Clouds, and real weather like rain or snow


Some of you sure have great expectations of what can be accomplished in a year. 🙄


What If: They Took A Year Off

Don’t “Expect” stuff and take it as “Gifted”

I really like 2017 update, it is great you can fly around the world, but this game needs to update some basic stuff, so here are my two cents:

  • terrain around some airports is really bad,
  • needs to update all lights in the game - on the planes and on the ground,
  • needs to have working instruments in planes,
  • needs update textures of planes - interior and exterior,
  • than maybe wingflex would be nice addition

This game don’t need more planes at all, just maintenance of existing stuff, and the game / sim will be competitive with other games / sims.

Wouldn’t call all of it basic, but yea I agree no need for more aircrafts for a while now. Rework is better for the moment. My opinion is why make lots of planes and then let them get dusty and no one uses them? For example they spent time on the superD and now no one uses it, because it’s not up to date… i think if they make fewer aircrafts, but keep them all good is better than lots of them and not have many as awesome as the newer ones.

Just my opinion! (I (like many) nearly always use the same planes. Maybe 6 or 7 different ones over a month or two…)


I’d just like to remind everyone that Phillipe himself has voted for an F/A-18 rework. Maybe a sign of things to come.


Well after Global We can never be sure what you people are up to. The ballon that is realistic expectations popped last year.

I’d like to see more realistic physics. First in terms of landing impact and crash modelling, landing gear damage etc. Eg you can land now with a steep descent way off glide slope which would destroy a real aircraft but in this it lands fine with no damage. Also, you can completely overshoot an approach and not run out of runway most of the time.

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He said that the next aircraft to come won’t be a new airliner, so it is either a rework, fighter, or GA. I think this is just to show a point.

Remember, they will give us a poll when the CRJ is done as well so this doesn’t guarantee the F18 is next.

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I’m not guaranteeing anything. Just thought I’d point it out. I would still rather see something European, like a Eurofighter Typhoon, or a Pilatus PC-21.
Helicopters like the CH-47 Chinook would also be nice, because of the gameplay options this would open up. If you think this is a bad idea because of the potential to be used by trolls, I would like to welcome you to the expert server, where the aforementioned trolls can be removed from your gameplay experience with the tap of a button, allowing you to fly an aircraft of your choosing in a realistic environment.

I’ll be happy with whatever the update might be. I’m still trying to be proficient in all the current airframes. Some people will be happy, some won’t. You can please everybody. Thank you to the FDS team for your continued hard work.

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I would love the Concorde.

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I really want them to just focus on reworks at this point. That to me is more important than getting new aircraft. Then I would like the A350.

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I really hope they sort out the night lighting, especially on the taxiways. That’s the #1 wish from me.

The sim is absolutely stunning in all other aspects. If I had a bonus wish, gimme some clouds. The way X Plane mobile renders clouds and weather is nice, I would like to see something similar in IF someday.


Add all Air Canada fleet
And Air Canada Rouge 767
Air Tranist fleet
Westjet 787,737-800,767


I’d love to see the 707 added. One of the most beautiful planes ever made.


Most people would probably be against helicopters because they are such a low priority in the game.


I guess we should all just remember that we can’t expect everything from the developers. Plus, some of them have families that are more important. Don’t expect too much of them this year, especially after the many many many many hours they put into global. Thank you very much developers of Infinite Flight for Infinite Flight.



I‘m completely with you.

I‘m expecting:

  1. A350-900, -1000, -900ULR

  2. Taxiway Lighting

  3. During ATC Unicom: I‘d like to have the possibility to announce the „Pushback“ and the „Taxi to Parking“.


I’m expecting either a Concorde or the CRJ Family, although I hope we can get the DC-8 one day.