What do you expect from Infinite Flight in 2018?

Hey all,
I want to ask you all a couple of questions:-

  1. What do you think about 2017’s updates? Where they good/bad? How could they improve it?

My answer:- The Global Update was a great update that most of us enjoyed it! Although I miss the point that you cant play IF Offline. And the MD11/DC10 Aircrafts were really amazing, I an disappointed that there is no Co-Pilot view and that all doors opens.

  1. What updates do you think will come in 2018? What concepts do you think IF will intorduce and develop?

My Answer:-
I expect this:-

  • CRJ Update
  • Airport (Taxiway) lights
  • Airbus A350
  • Allow us to download small region for offline usage.
  • Better scenery resolution

Please guys post your answers down!
Thank y’all



The a350 and taxiway lights.


We know the CRJ will come out sometime within the next 100 years (If we are lucky) :P

But then im expecting to see a community vote again and then that aircraft/item will last FDS till the end of 2018 (roughly)


I will obviously see the CRJ coming. Then an aircraft like the A350 or Concorde.


I love the global update, and the DC10/MD11 update. I’m actually enjoying the latter a lot more than I thought I would.

In 2018, I want to see more 4K cockpits, new planes (my top 2 would be the Beluga and Concorde, the latter being possible now that autopilot for supersonic travel has been figured out), and more liveries. The biggest update I want to see is to taxiing. I want taxiway lights, taxiway names, and taxiing instructions. For example “C-52PA, taxi to Runway 35R via Taxiways D, F, and A.”

  1. I definitely love Global Update, I have no comments. This update just exceeded my expectations. I have had never thought that a mobile flight simulator can do a huge update that enables their users to fly or control on any parts of the world when I bought the app at that time.

  2. The confirmed update for 2018 so far is only CRJ Rework which will add more varieties to regional aircraft liveries , but I would also like to see Airbus A350 and Airbus A330 Rework as the most voted features in #features category. Besides that, I would love to see more realistic airport lights and aircraft lights to make the current night less “darky”. I’m also looking forward to see Smoke landings in the future



  • CRJ Rework


  • Better airport lighting (taxiway lights, airport edge lights etc.)
  • 15m resolution coverage expansion
  • Landing Smoke
  • More aircraft reworks
  • A350
  • Concorde

CRJ Rework (obiously)

A bigger community.

Landing Smoke

Lights (taxiway, tail logo, etc,.)

Taxiway (names, lights)

ATC Improvements.


i agree with everything you stated


Love to see the A350, taxi lights , tilting landing gear, and more 15 m resolution for parta of the world that do not have it yet.


I most definitely do not think the CRJ update will come. It’s impossible.



Improved airport lighting to include adding taxiway lights.


Besides all have those said by the post before me, I do wish IF can be more internet friendly :)

And probably adding missing liveries for existing aircraft, for A330 example : IF missing KLM, Hawaiian, Thomas Cook etc liveries and so on also for another aircraft :)


CRJ rework in first part, A330 rework mid year and end of year Concorde and light rework (Real landing lights, logo lights, taxi lights and taxiway lights )


15m coverage expanded
Taxiway lights
All outstanding aircraft lights; logo lights, taxi lights separate from landing lights and reflection on the ground.
Improved animation of aircraft controls
Landing smoke


I reaaaalllyy would love a more advanced flight planning system. Not just the fixes, but also what runway is recommended to takeoff and land, winds along the way (not the popup) and changes in weather along the flight path. Even better would be a auto flight plan system which recommended the best way to get to places.

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I think the global update was really a big step in the right direction for IF, and definitely feels like a whole new game now. However with all the new device requirements and performance issues, global had a bumpy start and wasn’t welcomed by everyone espicially with performance drop on most devices and the sea of bugs it came with and of course the increased price tag. Nevertheless, satellite imagery never fails to impress me, and I look forward to more places being added in 2018! The MD-11/DC-10 update was quite simple, yet it was done splendidly and added more variety to the fleet which was much needed after the global update.

In 2018, I am expecting, after the CRJ Update (confirmed)

  • A350XWB Family
  • Airbus Rework Update on 330,340,380, with new livery’s
  • Nightime Update including taxiway lights, stronger runway lights, taillights, visible strong landing lights
  • Dynamic Weather update to add realistic clouds, snow and rain.

Boeing 777X… and maybe taxiway lights.


Global is what got me back into IF and its an amazing update !
In 2018 Ill like to see more TurboProps, A few Gulfstreams, Airport Lights, Dynamic Weather and EMERGENCIES !


The Boeing 777x series doesn’t even exist yet