What do you expect from IF next update

…that I’ll not need to change my tablet to the newest for playing IF…
I’d like to expect more liveries (more El Al, Israir, Arkia, Ural airlines, Pobeda…)

Based on previous patterns, new releases typically come every 5-7 months. However I presume METAL is the next step, and as of right now, we haven’t gotten any updates on that. It’s really hard to say

I think they should fix the autopilot problem first at least. I am pretty sure everyone wants that fixed deep down.

What autopilot problem?

Aggressive maneuver when changing headings and Vertical speeds also when engaging APPR mode the nose pitch up dramatically



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Umm What? What do you mean?

I wondered why it hasn’t been fixed 🤔

It has been fixed. The autopilot motions have been a lot gentler

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More liveries would be nice :)

Quite frankly, after being here for so long, I don’t really have any ‘expectations’ per se. The developers keep surprising us with new features, planes, improvements etc that I really don’t mind what things they decide to add because the odds are it’ll keep me engaged with Infinite Flight for a long, long time. There’s a reason I’m still here after 8 years since purchasing the ‘game’ at the time - it’s the team’s constant improvement and support of the simulator. I trust that whatever they decide to add or improve, it will not disappoint.

I wish al b777s and

a318/19/20 neo (Just black mask and new liveries and Change in fuel discharge)

They need a long time to add one plane

Compared to computer simulators

Perhaps that’s true, but it’s not fair to compare Infinite Flight with desktop simulators like X-Plane 11, Prepar3D or even MFS2020 for that matter, mainly because…

  • The Infinite Flight team does not as many developers and/or 3D artists as desktop simulators.
  • The time to optimise planes and other features for mobile use takes a long time and a lot of testing. This aspect of optimisation is not as important with desktop simulators as the hardware powering the simulators is much more advanced than the ones powering mobile devices.
  • If you notice, through the years the development cycles (time-wise) for Infinite Flight have increased, but so has the quality of updates. I’m sure you wouldn’t be satisfied if the 777 came with no live instruments. Before live instruments, the developers did not need to spend the extra time developing them and installing them, hence shorter development cycles. It’s features like that which add time to the development cycle.

This topic of IF’s development cycles has been beaten to death in my opinion. I usually don’t chime in anymore as it usually falls on deaf ears. I’m aware I have kind of gone off-topic, so if you wish to discuss this further you are more than welcome to PM me :)

If you are talking about after the finishing of all the 777 variants. Then hopefully the 757 or 767.

If any plane gets reworked first i want it to be the e-jets

Taxi lights, and building and clouds,ground vehicles hahhaha but love what IF is doing look so cool.

Let’s go one at a time, shall we? Enjoy this fresh one, we’ll worry about the next one later :)

Ohhh yeahh just saying what would be good for the next few updates to come but one at a time is perfect😊

Not sure, but it will be a great one!