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Hey guys, ATC question here. This is mainly for the training server since it doesn’t happen as much on expert server. When an aircraft requests pushback/taxi to the wrong end of a runway, do you just let them or do you respond with “taxi to 28L” even though they requested 10R (using SFO as an example)? I’ve done that before but then they just keep requesting the wrong runway. It just messes with the flow but I don’t know how to tell them that they can’t go to that runway.

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I have been in this situation more than once.But there’s nothing I can do about it.The training server cannot publish ATIS.If the traffic is not too heavy.I can only allow them to go to the runway requested.:(

That’s what I thought, thanks! Almost had a midair collision because of it earlier 😬

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You can say “Check assigned runway” and if it gets worse you can use “Double check assigned runway.” No guarantee they will listen unfortunately


Thanks, didn’t know that existed! Is it under misc. messages?

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Unfortunately all that you can do on TS is try. So a taxi command to the runway you have active or yes a checked assigned runway would be good. No guarantees though. I wish for you that more would follow those instructions. If you’d like a much better experience though and enjoy the controlling aspect, check out becoming an IFATC and controlling on ES.

Wish you the best!


Yes it is.


As a tip, this used to work for me back in the day. Continue with your polite instructions and when a pilot refuses to follow, simply reply with “Thank you, good day” and “Frequency change approved”. Then ignore them as if the aircraft is no longer there as we cannot reason with such silly people. Any further comms from them, follow the same pattern “TYGD” / “Frequency change approved” and ignore.

This gives them two options: depart on the wrong runway and leave on their way or decide they actually want to play and they will start following the rules.

Most importantly, it just stops you getting annoyed and your session being messed up.

I hope you find that useful! :)


Thanks! I am deffinitelly interested in joining IFATC, my life is a bit chaotic right now but I’m hoping sometime in the future I can join!

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Thats a great tip! I find myself spending way to much time on people who aren’t listening but it’s deffinitely better to ignore them and focus on the people who are following instructions. Will deffinitely be using this!

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That’s a nice advice. I followed the same when I used to control training server and it really helped. Once ignored, they will eventually follow instruction’s next time to get the service from ATC controller, otherwise ‘thank you, good day


We are TYGD people! :D

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