What do you do

What do you do when you at a smaller airport that doses international flight with heavies. So there is only like 4 big gates to fit it. But those four gates that are the only ones in the airport that can hold you are filled up with 737s. Then one me just opens up and as you are almost at the end. A plane spawns in you and again have no where to park. Do you just wait?

Sadly there isn’t much else you can do really. You would just have to wait for a gate to open up that can fit your aircraft of choice.

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It’s always tricky for pilots and ATC at these types of airports. It’s the balance of having the gates open up and be taken and all of that happens again and again. If you were a pilot at one of these non controlled airports and you came to this situation, I would find an area of taxiway that is out of the way of other aircraft. The gates will come available after time and once they do come available you can just taxi in. Hope this helps!

Park at a hardstand if you can 🙂

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