What do you do while your flight is on autopilot?

We all like to fly long haul routes. But what do we all like to do while our flight is on autopilot for the next 7 to 12 hours while waiting? Well, for me I like to keep things simple. I have a computer that I’ll go on and do the more important stuff aswell as keep track from Liveflight & Infinite Tracker!

What do you guys do for long hauls when on autopilot?

Well, I do believe that this topic is a duplicate, but still…

While I am flying I just sleep, check airport charts, see procedures for that airport, or checking out the IFC!

Sleep. Get my rest.


Huh. I searched before creating this topic. But if that’s the case, I can remove it. Thanks!

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No! Dont do it yet. I will check…

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I live a life. I go outside, go to school, do homework and anything else I normally do

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Oh okay! Thanks. I’ll go ahead and close this topic.

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Sad to be those guys but… have to follow the rules.