What do you do when your nose wheel detaches from your E-Jet?

Argentina, it’s the 8th largest country in the world and has a habit of not losing too many things. The country is quite Chille in winter which is really no surprise considering it’s bordered by them, back to the whole losing thing though, what happens one you casually lose a wheel on landing?

Losing things, it’s a completely normal thing to happen. The U.S lost its reputation and become a laughing stock while one plane in Argentina lost its nose wheel, a completely fair comparison. The airline, Austral Air, and before you go: gode quoi parle et où est mon croissant I should mention that the airline is registered as Austral Lineas Aereas, a subsidy of Aerolíneas Argentinas. The ERJ 190 was just finishing off its flight from the capital of Buenos Aires over to the port city of Rosario when the captain went que demonios he perdido una rueda de nariz, in other words he lost the nose wheel.

This normally shouldn’t happen much like the state of Texas should have never happened but in both cases it unfortunately did. No one was harmed in the incident and the captain didn’t even realise the said wheel was missing until he taxied to the apron, a truly chill guy. The wheel was later found in the grass next to the runway and while it might seem like a rare occurrence it actually isn’t. The same thing happened two years ago when the airline suffered the detachment of the left nose wheel while taxing, that time it was contributed to corrosive pitting, at the time they claimed this was an “isolated incident”.

So here’s my question to you: what would you do when your nose wheel detaches from your E Jet?

Where a wheel once was image credit


🤔 never thought about that. Maybe get a tug or something and/or shift the weight to one side.

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