What do you do when the the doorbell rings?

OK! So you’re flying. You’ve been following ATC instructions for a long time and are about to intercept the ILS.
Suddenly the doorbell rings!
You are the only one home.
What do you do?

It happened to me earlier.
I had to end my flight.

It was a package for the neighbors. GRRRRR!!!
Then it happened again.
Probably the neighbors wanting their package.
This time I ignored it and landed safely.

I hate when that happens.
I’m going to install a big bright red ‘Do not disturb’ light. :)


one hand that bad boy


Forgot to mention I fly on an iPad Pro.
So one handing is not really an option. :)


line it up, slow down and set the VS so you get back in time.

Not enough time.
I was about to get handed off from approach to tower. So I had a lot to do.

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i would of said im sorry turned right or left 90 degrees, set the AP and came back to go around and land.

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Dear Jan,

Your story breaks my heart.


Ahh, so I’m not imagining things.


It was to early to go around.
No way to let tower know that I couldn’t land just yet.
No time to make a 360 and no way to ask for it either.
So I vanished. Didn’t know what else to do.
So that made me wonder how others handle situations like this.

Don’t answer the door!


Only in SOLO. Not in LIVE. It keeps flying! Gets you in trouble.

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☝🏼️ This happened to me. I locked my phone by mistake while decending and when I unlocked my phone I saw that I was still in the same position. It was an incidental finding. However, I can’t say this works for your situation.

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Raelly? How? Do you disappear for a while?
That would make a mess of the sequence.
I can’t ‘pause’ IF. Just end the flight. When you go to settings, to change the time or the weight, IF keeps on flying.

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Mayby them should add an :" Idiot at the door , stand by" command…


If I’m cruising, I get the door
If I’m flying manually, I will use one hand
If I’m descending into airport via approach, I quit the game :(

Call missed approach?

I answer the door.

A virtual flight isn’t worth missing a package, be it for yourself or others, esp. since there is no way that I know of to fly a solid approach while signing the delivery (wo)man’s little machine.