What do you do when pilot doesn’t follow instructions?

I’ve been insulted today by a pilot. He changed his callsign for FKNOOB… because I gave hime a runway he didn’t expect. My G… He was totaly in the way of another pilot doing payerns.

How do you keep calm on those situations? 😀😀

Screenshot a profane display name/ callsign and PM a mod/staff, appropriate action will be taken from there.
Pilots misbehaving, well you just have to deal with that and work around them until joining the IFATC team.


Ok thank you I took all the screenshots!

But to be honest, it was really ingenious this callsign changing think to insult me haha

Hi Michel,

We can see this topic, so no need to contact us :) but in future PM one of us with the details provided by @Sammy_Droubi.

Thanks for letting us know,