What do you do when ATC makes you taxi to a different runway?

The ATC tells you to go to a runway when you already have done your flight plan for a different runway

Like here I wanted to go to runway 02L he made me go to 02C but my flight plan was for 02L

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Always follow ATC instructions. Unless they are playground bogus


Listen to the controller and edit your flight plan.


Sounds like me in the past

I always insist on 02C as per real life (as 02L is only open for departures in the early mornings like around 4 to 5am)

Nowadays you want 02L, I give you 02L


Simply takeoff and rejoin your FP. Never should you disobey any ATC instruction

Ah how did I not read your reply…?

I did that before and then I get to categorize the pilots into those that are patient and those that are not hahaha

I’ve actually encountered several really patient pilots who really wait for your clearance and I just send them a “Thank you” even though they were wrong in the first place haha

to help avoid that issue, I start my FP at the first VOR after the airport, to give me a bit of freedom to use which ever runway the ATC ask me to use.


You follow ATC instructions. In your screenshot, it looks like you are closer to 02C and so he is sending you to the closest runway. It’s that simple. Just follow ATC instructions.


Always and I MEAN ALWAYS, follow the ATC instructions. And I know it is so annoying but always do what the ATC wants you to do. Even your on final on a runway and ATC tells you to go around or something like that, always do it

“Always” - Xpheros 2016


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You also don’t need to make a FPL from a particular runway. Just from the airport marker (WSSS in this case) is necessary.

“Always” listen to ATC orders

I wouldn’t say “Always”… When obviously you are going to crash with some dude hogging the runway, you don’t continue your descent… You execute a missed approach… Usually this isn’t the ATC’s fault as I’ve encountered this before… Nimrods don’t even bother to ask for clearance and just takeoff while on GND frequency

Wow, simply wow!


Yep. AT LEAST 3 times a day.

had that happen on Advanced as well as PG …though more likely PG server!

Definitely PG lol

If Advanced uh they would’ve already become “hantus” (ghosts) 😂

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And what to do when ground makes you taxi to a runway for take off while the wind blows the opposite direction?? This happens quite often even on Advanced.

just because the runaway is showing red doesn’t mean it is a closed runway and you cant takeoff…

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Well, don’t ALWAYS listen to ATC’s advice…
7 other Aeroflot flights…

That’s a Russian plane I think

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