What do you do when ATC is using wrong runways?

What do you do when ATC is using the wrong runways?
In real life at EHAM 06 isn’t used to take off. It’s for landing only. There isn’t even a taxiway going to the beginning of 06. Also in real life, 09 isn’t used for landings. 27, the other side, is. It’s also rarely used
for taking off.

The ATC was using 06 for take off and 09 for both take off and landing.
I just had to take off from 09. When I came back from EHRD I had to land on 09. That’s not right.
So what do you do?


Just follow it. Yes it may be bad controlling but if you decide to screw Tower/Ground and go to your own runway and takeoff, you can interfere eith ATC ops and that doesn’t make you much better than the poor instructions.


Continuing on from what Boeing707 said, there is no actual rule that ATC must follow real world procedures. It is nice to be as realistic as possible but controllers can’t be expected to know runway procedures for every airport in IF, there’s too much to remember. It would be nice for realism, but as long as they’re using the correct runways for the wind then it’s acceptable. I personally research runway information first if I have time :)

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I understand. In this case however there isn’t even a taxiway going to the beginning of runway 06 that was used for taking off. Runway 09 doesn’t even have ILS. There’s no red triangle on final. These are clear indications that they shouldn’t be used, right?

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Who is the controller and I’ll ask them to switch it around since there is no taxiway leading to the runway for takeoff

When I see wrong traffic flow on Advanced, I do not fly into those airports.

That’s not a valid reason, it depends on weather conditions.
But EHAM never uses 09.
Right now (real world) Schiphol is using 06 for landings and 36L for takeoffs.

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There are aircraft taking off from this runway at this moment speaking.

06 is never used for taking off. Like I said, there’s not even a taxiway going to 06.

06 is never used for departures IRL. 09 on the other hand was used for a takeoff just now, and you said 09 is never used for anything.

Current situation:

OK, almost never and certainly not for landing.

This airplane took off for about 7 minutes ago…

I’ve seen 09 be used for takeoffs so that’s not very rare, although a bit rare I agree.

Yeah, I just departed EHAM from runway 06 and it’s a little frustrating.

Oh well I guess.

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Since 09 is rarely used for taking off, I’ve changed the original post. Thanks!

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It’s no worries :D

It’s weird that this site doesn’t show 09 has been used for taking off just now.

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Same here. In WSSS, 02L is rarely used for takeoffs but I decide to compromise and allow those nearer to 02L to taxi there rather than go a big loop to 02C…

As an ATC who tries to provide good service on advanced, where do you guys get your airfield information? I usually just make sure that wind conditions are right, but I’m all for realism, so…